New Patch - One Shot SEQ Noise Burst

Attached is a Patch that demonstrates the use of a one shot (non-looping) sequence.
I have configured the SEQ and BUS module such that that upon receiving a start trigger, the sequencer loops through its sequence exactly once. Upon reaching the last step, the sequencer stops itself.

To demonstrate this I have built a small noise shot patch, that plays a trigger pattern by the SEQ module.
The Ins / Outs are as follows:

Input 1: Trigger In - This is patched to the SEQ Start. All you need is a single trigger here to start the SEQ
Output 1: Gate / Trigger Out - Produces a Gate pattern triggered by SEQ’s G1 output
Outputs 5 & 6: Audio Out - Plays an audible noise shot pattern corresponding to the G1 pattern (so you can easily hear what the SEQ does)

On the G(lobal) Page, press the Pg+ button to display the Macro controllers. Use the M1 Encoder to select different patterns in the SEQ module. I have programmed 10 different Gate patterns.

Hope this inspires you to apply this technique in your patches.

BTW - The patch number is 059. If you want to change the location just rename the 059.pbp file to nnn.pbp where nnn is you target patch number before you copy it on the SD card. (33.8 KB)