New Patch - Haunted Choir

Attached is a new SSP Patch that uses the VOST module. Rather than employing it for preset voltages for other modules, I have used it to create 4-note chords. For each Select-value in VOST I have defined four voltages A-B-C-D that serve as Pitch voltages.
The singers in the choir are four sine waves (played by the on-board LFO modules).
The patch is self playing - all you need to is load it. A SEQ module takes care of triggering and voltage group selection. Contrary to the Patch name, if find the result quite soothing :grinning:.
If you want it scarier, navigate to the VOST module, open it with the P-button and switch On the Morph function. This takes away some of the tonality.
As per usual, the Patch loads in location 011 as it is. If you want it to appear somewhere else before you copy it to your card, just rename 011.pbp to nnn.pbp where nnn is your preferred location. (39.7 KB)


do we need early access to [@thetechnobear] VST’s to load/play this patch correctly?

VOST is the only @thetechnobear plug-in used in the Patch. I believe it was part of a regular release earlier this year.

indeed VOST was released at the same time as the plugins were updated to the new ssp firmware.

but its a good reminder, under NO circumstance should anyone share my EAP plugins with others.

while I cannot stop it, I treat this as a litmus test of the community and the trust/respect they have for my work - and a very important one at that, given this is the primary drive of my sharing of my dev work.(*)

(*) I seriously dont make any money on this … if you look at revenue per plugin, its about $30-40!
thats total, all contributions… thats less than ONE user would pay for ONE cheap plugin on a desktop :wink:
(btw: thank to anyone contributing, and there are some that are generous)

so, it’s not the money, but to give something back to those that want to support me.
therefore a breach of that trust, would be very serious too me, and how how I view the community.

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Just to make sure we’re all on the same page:

  • The Patches I share are all my own creation (from scratch) and contain the Patch config only (just the pdp file)
  • No plug-in files (.so) are included in the zip-file. It is the responsibility of the user to have the right plugins installed
  • I pay credit (and ko-fi coffee :grinning:) where credit is due as much as possible - in this case in particular regarding the tthetechnobear plug-ins
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absolutely, thats all cool) (and thank you for donating and crediting, I appreciate :slight_smile: )

yeah, this was a general reminder…
of course, fine to share the pdp file, just don’t want others to think, oh… it uses this plugin, I better included that too.

I know you don’t do these developments for the money, but I’m always shocked at how if given the option of getting something for free or paying for it most people will go for the free option. I love what you are doing and the amount of vst’s you’ve released have made a huge improvement to how useful the SSP is standalone or integrated into rack or computer setup. I hope I’m wrong in my thinking and maybe there is only 50 people that own a SSP, but I can’t see why if you own a SSP you wouldn’t support these releases with a kofi?

I personally think you should set the lowest cost to a Kofi donation :joy:

I’m just digging back into my SSP as not been using it for a while so just working through the modules and the wiki. So can’t thank you enough really.

Thanks for this preset will check it out later

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I’ve no issues here, just really was a reminder - as I guess more may want to share patches that contain eap modules. (not that this was the case here)

anyway, should move back on topic :slight_smile:

I like the idea of using VOST for moving around pitches, when writing the wiki page, I did consider saying it could be used as a kind of sequencer in the tips section - but thought it might be a bit confusing.

that said, my approach was different…
what I was interested in was using CART to hold the melody, then pass its pitch output into VOST, and then the voltages in VOST become offsets…
so can be used for either:
a) creating chords
b) transposing the melody.

then of course, from there you will want to go into SHQ, to ensure the resulting pitch is within scale.

what’s also interesting here… is how do you drive the changing of VOST? i.e. select?
well that can be another layer of CART…

this means that the changes can be related to CARTs movement,
but of course, CART has many controls e.g. you can clock layers independently, slew changes (thru layers of VOST!), so many options !