New Patch demonstrating SHQ and SWAT modules

Hi everyone,
Attached is a Patch incorporating the @thetechnobear 's new SHQ and SWAT modules.
It is a simple self playing patch using:

  1. The SWAT module’s Logic AND mode to generate structured random-ish gates, based on two square wave LFO inputs
  2. The SHQ module to generate two CV signals based on a sampled Noise input. The input is scaled positively for one S&H input and negatively for the second S&H input.
    The Patch plays itself with two Plaits as the sound sources.
    You can experiment with the SWAT’s algorithms by letting the Patch play and change algorithms on the fly (+EN and -EN buttons). The SHQ’s output is quantized. Feel free to change the scale!
    Happy exploring… (9.3 KB)


awesome, thanks for sharing!

Lovely :smiley: Running in the background now as I’m working - sort of soothing wind chimes feel. Lots of things to tinker with with - I like varying the speed of the LFOs. Thanks for putting it together and helpful educationally.

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