New one hour walkthrough of the SSP

video recording of the talk and demo I did at analogue haven this past wednesday (feb 13th)

Percussa SSP Overview

0:00 General overview of the SSP
6:51 USB ports (see also 53:48)

Patches explained during the video:

  1. 2:49 8 voice wavetable synthesis patch
  2. 10:16 polyphonic granular FM patch
  3. 13:03 OB 4-voice subtractive synthesis patch
  4. 15:48 multi-timbral / multi-voice FM patch
  5. 18:10 signal switcher + sampler triggering + step seq patch
  6. 19:42 harmonic additive synthesis demo with sequencing
  7. 20:50 physical modeling membrane
  8. 22:15 4-voice sequencing with per voice step sequencer, microtonal quantizer (4mtq2)
  9. 24:40 envelop follower patch
  10. 25:32 simple granular patch



Patching mechanism:

46:09 how the patching system works
10:56 patching/modulation inputs/outputs of modules
28:22 overview of all the modules + how to make a simple patch
51:00 How would you sum two input signals + explanation about scaling

Explanation about modules on the SSP:

4:00 wavetable oscillator
8:19 input module
9:13 ADSR envelope
15:55 sampler module
18:35 and 38:44 step seq module
22:40 MTQ module and 40:50
26:02 granular
28:35 macro module
1:03:25 LFO module (short explanation about parameters)
1:04:24 midi module

Other questions/features

43:30 How can I share presets?
55:08 What sample rate sizes are supported?
55:57 How can I save a new preset?
56:28 How can you drive the step sequencer?
59:20 Is there a copy/paste feature for the step sequencer?


please explain (more in detail) the grouping of parameters and the summing of the INPUT module (in a separate thread-s)

the grouping feature will be explained in the upcoming update post.

the input module is explained in detail in the above video + elsewhere in the forum.