New graphics, old graphics

  1. Beautiful new white waveform, but now mono and stereo samples look the same. I rather have glitchy waveforms that were obvious when mono or stereo.

  2. Node view. Took me a minute to figure out why I was having a hard time seeing what is going on. In the old firmware selected node blocks were brighter than the rest. This made it easy to tell what node I had selected. Now there is a thin outline to show selection and it’s way too subtle.

  3. Node routing. Similar to above, The little arrows are too subtle.

  4. Overall font size. The whole display is hard to read with this new tiny font.

  5. All caps everywhere. It was the same with the old FW. All caps text is hard to read. I’m talking about the module selector, and parameters on the home page, etc.

  6. Parameter numbers while making adjustments. I do think it looks slicker now not having the big number jumping around when I adjust a parameter, but it would be nice if there was something a little like the old FW. It’s so hard to see these tiny numbers.

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it’d be nice to get some (high quality) screenshots of old vs new…

I think when I first saw the newer UI, I did notice some of your points - however, it was a while ago now, so Ive got used to the new ui now… (which I generally prefer) , so don’t really notice anymore.

personally, I’d say what we need to do is move forward, rather than backwards (so improve what we have with small improvements) … whilst learning what worked well before…

(its not going backwards anyway, as the new code is entirely different due to use of GL , so no chance to revert the old code)

(1) I think generally (as per your previous posts) the new waveforms are a nice step forward , but have a few issues… I’d chalk this mono/stereo as something to think about.

(2) I prefer the new version.
whilst the highlighting was nice, the issue is , with more modules we are running out of colours fast.
and many colours do not work with bright/dim variants so its not really a solution.
we also need to think more about the idea of different colours for different modules - thats not scaleable either - I think perhaps module colour = type (e.g. fx vs oscillator)

(3) tricky not a lot of space to make them bigger…

(4) are the fonts much smaller… if so, I think its quite subtle.
again, space is the issue here… smaller font = more text.

(5) again, I don’t really see/notice this being much different…

(6) are you talking on the actually individual modules?

overall, I then the changes are pretty subtle…

however, that’s not to say its perfect, I think there are quite a few things that could do with improving… some are probably less effort than others…
but unfortunately, I dont think theres much mileage in just increasing font sizes/arrows much to improve readability, I think its more about spacing + sizing.

my thoughts are:

scopes need a bit more love - there are a few bugs, and limitations… I think they are close though.
(and the mono/stereo thing, needs to be thought thru… how to do with newer ui)

module browser, been discussed before, now with more modules it needs categorisation, and a new UI would bring more space for things like description.

individual module display - many (factory) modules share same code for displaying parameters, so I guess these can be made bigger text? or perhaps a new UI concepts (like I have on my modules as an example)

node routing/network.
this one is really tricky, hard to imagine changes that are not pretty radical… and so a huge development effort.

I think we all have to bare in mind here… development effort is not free, nor quick.
and this is a lot of work, and after a period of intense development by Percussa.

of course, I can’t speak for Bert/Celine, but I can sympathise as a fellow developers…
devs have to live n’ eat, and unless SSP sales are constant/increase , how does that work?
… if you don’t make enough money from selling SSPs , then they’d have to find another way to earn money to live , but that means less dev time for the SSP.

Ive worked on many projects in my life, and its hard to balance, , and frankly its getting harder, as end-users have much higher expectations - some of which are hard to reconcile with reality.

of course, Im ‘part of the problem’ here… (as well as solution?)
I give away software for free, as I do it as a hobby, but that arguably raises users expectations on the manufactures … X does this for free, why dont you?

Its a bit like a hobby musician doing gigs free in local bars… it means the bars start to expect all musicians for free… so no-one can earn a living from making music in this way.

its no ones ‘fault’, but it creates an imbalance… the hobbyist doesn’t need the money, just does it because they have fun, but a ‘pro’ needs money to eat n’ live.

anyway, not being pessimistic or saying things wont happen.
but just want to balance ‘my wishes’ against a certain reality, to manage my own expectations.

similarly, I do have access to make changes to synthor now, but I have to really work out what I want to do … what do I enjoy? what makes sense in my dev efforts? … and also of course, what makes impact.
… but its summer now, so really, not doing much coding at my desk… till things cool off :slight_smile:


Yep. I get it. It’s just overall harder for me to read the display. That’s most of my frustration.

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