My thoughts on the SSP

with some little teases of things on the horizon from me :slight_smile:


At some point Percussa should really consider just putting you on the payroll


This is exactly how the SSP was envisioned; a platform which can host the dreams, work, visions, and output of others.

Great to see @thetechnobear smashing out such good work.

I’d love to see someone do some more visual/video work with the platform. A frame buffer would be really nice on the SSP, although one might have to go into the SSP via USB or RJ-45 as I don’t think that he convertors would processes video signals. I should try it!

Now I gotta watch the vid.

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MIDI learn looks very helpfull

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Well, I just ran Composite video through the SSP. Promising. 48k is garbage but there is signal at 96k. I think that the filtering on the converters wrecks t he signal but some of it does get through. Going in digitally would likely work in some manner, but who knows?
Sync could be an issue.