My first SSP video


I’m uploading a video for the first time.

Modular system consisting of SSP, Teletype, Pamela’s NEW Workout
-> Interface function of SSP
-> CV In [of CV Tools] / custom M4L patch / Ableton Live effects (filter, delay, reverb)

Modules used in SSP

Thanks for watching.


Brilliant use of the SSP and beautifully shot too!
The teletype is a bit of a mystery box to me. I guess you use it to run scripts that generate a bunch modulation signals and triggers.
Would be interested to see a bit more of the SSP patch innards (i.e. patch notes) and what you are controlling with the Macro controls.
Great work and thanks for sharing.


Thanks for watching.

I distinguished between the role of the modular system and the role of the computer.

  1. Modular system: Create a foundation by creating basic tones and structures
  2. SSP interface: connection with computer
  3. CV Tools / M4L / AL effects: Deepen the tone of texture and time and space

So I made six tracks based on the WTO module in the SSP, and modulated the XYZ parameters through the LFO module. (SSP’s WTO module is amazing.)

Then I created a drone sound with the GRA module, and added NOI to create a mood. (+ 2 tracks)

Each ENV module modulates attack, decay and release through LFO. (And adjusted the gain and bias for each sound.)

The MAC module was passed to CV In of CV Tools and mapped to the volume parameter of the Ableton Live mixer.

With Teletype, I wrote and worked on a relatively simple script. In my case, Teletype seems to be a good module for building structures. (So ​​I ordered another Teletype.)

I don’t know if I explained it properly because I don’t have enough English. (I am currently getting help from Google Translator.:sweat_smile:)

Thank you.

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Thanks @MOTOKO . That gives me an idea how you have achieved this. It sounds as if you have fully integrated the SSP in your (audio) computer setup. The USB Audio interface is an extremely powerful and underrated feature of the SSP if you ask me. Don’t worry about your English. Google is your friend and its not my native language either…

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Yes, that’s right. That worked with the modular system and computer integration. As you say, the interface function of SSP is very good! In the future, I will use both the integrated system with the computer and the modular single system depending on the characteristics of the work. And Google Translator is my friend. haha. :slight_smile: