MTQ instability when changing coarse/fine encoders

SSP restart in MTQ

today when playing with the MTQ having dialed 3 different (. kind of random choose) MTscales from your list, 3 times while playing around with encoders coarse or/and fine the SSP drops out with restart.

( wanted to post a video but at this time it didn’t happen )

Software version : latest

Type (major or minor):

are you using scales from the SCALA website or did you make your own scales?

I know there is a bug in the MTQ that makes it crash when you change the root frequency, under certain circumstances. I will get that fixed as soon as I can.

I was using the included / provided scales only, haven’t gone further yet, actually wouldn’t know how additional scale files would make big difference, at least to me with the provided preset I couldn’t notice much difference in randomly Sound generation.
Well it’s a different kind of getting random soundvariations , as far as I went, but don’t really understand the concept to where it may lead

I don’t know enough about microtonal composition to be of much help here but your bug / crash should no longer be present if you use the latest software update.

If you still have a crash then post again with the scale file you are using and details of how to reproduce the crash.