MSW8 : Matrix Switch 8, by TheTechnobear

Msw8 : Matrix Switch 8

8 in / 8 out switch matrix

Download : here

Documentation : here

Developer: TheTechnobear

I develop these plugins for free, please consider supporting my efforts with a donation.


congrats, another great module :slight_smile:

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You are on a roll, sir! I’ll install this one too and check it out.

Folks if you are using his developments in any meaningful manner, please consider throwing him a couple o’ bucks!


thanks for your support @Kent , I really appreciate it…

btw: I’d also love to see examples of patches other musicians are making with these objects…

as developers, we see our creations in a certain light… as we knows its internal ‘details’, and this can colour how we use them. I’ve seen with many of my other projects that other musicians find different ways to use ( * ) , ways that I didn’t expect - which I find really interesting, and can potentially shape future developments.

( * ) I mean ‘as is’ , of course the other aspect is different musicians have ideas about how it might work differently, and so enable this or that use-case…
but funny enough, often thats not new to me, rather I made an intentional choice … perhaps technical reasons, or more mundane things … like lack of time :slight_smile:
(still interesting of course, as indicates what direction many users would like a project to go in)

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