MPE pitch bend

@jason I’ll have to try it again after I get back from work today. I saw that in the new software release notes that pitch tracking was improved so I wonder if that has solved my problem. :thinking:

the sampler had a pitch tracking bug, the pitch/frequency inputs were not working properly, so I fixed it (hopefully). That does not have anything to do with MPE per se or with the pitch tracking of other modules.

I found the bug, it had to do with an incorrect type for a variable in my code. It creeped in around the time of superbooth. Here is a fix -

Let me know if this works for you or not and if there are any other MPE related issues or bugs.

@BrettSaberhagen - can you test as well?

Thanks so much! I will test this evening, pacific time.

Just installed the newest software and this 100% solved the problems that I was experiencing with my Linnstrument, very nice work @bert :grin::+1:


Pitch bend is affecting all notes, not only the note that is being bent. This is using the “Fix 11072018” version of SYNTHOR.

Finally had the time and gear in one place to start testing out MPE/Linnstrument with the Percussa this afternoon, and am experiencing the same issue.

What’s your experience been like like in terms of latency between the Percussa and the Linnstrument? I’m experiencing a bit, and not sure if it’s the patch or my setup. I could easily loose a full day on this, so would love to have some idea before I start swapping cables, settings, creating test patches, etc…

Kinda waiting for the basics to be functional before I spend too much time on it.

Makes sense. In the meantime, glad to see we’ve got a few Linnstrument users in this group.


Is your linnstrument configured to send pitch bend per note and thus per channel using pitch bend messages? If you can share details about how you configured it I’ll look at the code.


Same configuration as previously posted in this thread.

Ok, I’ll look at the code and do some testing later today. Thanks for reporting. As soon as I have some news i’ll be back.

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did you make sure to enable the MPE toggle button in the global menu? I made a video, on my end it works fine with the ROLI seaboard block (after I enable the MPE toggle button!)

If you do have the MPE toggle button enabled in the global menu and it still doesn’t work let me know?

I am going to write a full description of how the MIDI stuff works internally in the application and post that here in the forum as a sort of “reference page” such that anyone can double check how the MIDI stuff is implemented and comment on it. It should help with debugging as well.

there should be no (audible) latency … are you using the 4-voice demo patch with your linnstrument or did you build a patch using multiple MIDI modules yourself? If it’s the latter, did you assign the MIDI modules to different voices?

See also the above video regarding the pitch bend per note issue. You have to make sure to enable the MPE toggle in the global menu if you connect an MPE controller.

I forget that the MPE toggle doesn’t persist between power cycles. Likely this is my issue. Thanks!

it does, but it is stored inside the preset. So you have to make sure to enable it and then save your preset, and then it should be automatically enabled next time you load your preset.

It can of course also be stored inside the “global config file” that we’ve been discussing here on the forum but you might want to have some patches with a normal MIDI keyboard and some with an MPE controller, so IMHO it is a setting that should be stored in the presets and not in the global config file.

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OK, makes sense to me.

Looks like the latency was a result of monitoring with the audio interface – latency is not present on jack output.

Power cycle issue was biting me here as well — also, no more crashes when accessing MIDI properties after yesterday’s update! :slight_smile:

I just wrote up a full explanation of the MIDI module and some details about how the MIDI stuff works internally in the software. If you have any questions or comments let me know.

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I can report that pitch bend is working properly. I’ll dive into the MIDI module in more detail when I can find some time.

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