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While researching MIDI support on SSP I came across an older post and am curious if any development cycles have enhanced MIDI in recent updates?

(This post was originally piggybacked onto an old MPE post back in 2019 and felt that it should be a new post. Will delete the other post shortly).

I’d like to control (automate) the SSP from an external sequencer (e.g. Squarp’s Hapax, Pyramid, OXI 1), using standard MIDI CC messages. Plus use the SSP as a multitimbral device by controlling different sections of a patch using different MIDI channels. Granted that the mentioned sequencers offer build-in CV connectivity but I rather control the SSP via multiple MIDI channels via CCs.

If that level of support isn’t available today then I could possibly achieve a work-around using the Poly 2 module to act as a MIDI to CV gateway but I rather approach it from a more flexible workflow than resorting to hard-wiring.

Today I can control the SSP manually from a MIDI controller which works fine but I’d like to get more control using different MIDI channels. For example the SL MK3 templates make it easy to switch between different MIDI channels and to their assigned sound sources. It would be great if SSP could segment parts of a patch into dedicated MIDI channels. That way parts can be automated individually via external sequencers and offer a means to be played live when not auto controlled.

As for MPE mode, since the SSP is processing all CC messages (regardless of MIDI channel) I assume it’s running in omni (MPE) mode. And based on the thread below a non-MPE mode can be toggled via the 3rd page under General settings. From what I see there are three settings on pg 3 (RtMM, LdEn, RtEn) and three on pg 4 (Mod Br, Fl Conn, Fl Sel), none of which sound like MPE modes. And toggling them while using say Ch2 or Ch3 produces the same results.

Anyway, my apologies for morphing this post into different directions.


that information is out of date … it was changed in one of the later firmware updates.

if you look at the firmware update notes, it talks about it somewhere… probably search on MIDI or MPE would reveal it.

generally, if you are looking for information, Id be careful …
a LOT of the posts contain out-dated information… you really have to check the firmware update posts to see whats relevant or not.

generally forums are a bad way of collecting documentation, as old posts linger, that dont get updated, and posts are not curated (so might just be wrong :wink: )
thats why I create the WIKI , so that as a community we had something we could maintain to be relevant.

anyway, this is something Ive meant to write up for the WIKI , so its now all detailed there

click on tips 'n tricks, then using midi… it details I think all you need to know, and much more :laughing:

hopefully this helps…

and again, I really hoped the community could help update this wiki with more useful info…
I really need some help with this… not only am I doing this, helping people on this forum, but also developing SSP modules, and other (non-ssp) projects … all in my spare time !

Roger that – am browsing the Wiki now.

And thank you again for your support. Bert needs to give you a raise for all the support you’ve been providing us :wink:

he could double it… oh, wait zero * two = zero :laughing:

seriously, its all about helping each other as users, as a community … to get more from our investment.

Then I hope my contribution to Ko-fi helps out with that math. Cheers!

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thank you :slight_smile:

I hope the above wiki topic got you going in the right direction!

It sure did. Thanks a million!

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