Module selector falback

Bug description (state clearly and simply): If the module selection has been triggered and the selection page is active, there is no way to exit the selector without selecting a module. If the module selector is accidentally accessed this causes one to have to pick a module, and loose any settings that were in the module previously. Currently one has to power cycle to get around this in the event of an accidental activation of the module selector.

Steps to reproduce (use numbered list):

  1. Access module selector by pushing encoder 1 and using the soft button key for it
  2. Try to exit the screen, without selecting a module

Software version (blank if unknown):

Type (major or minor): minor

i think you can choose an empty module slot? does that delete the module you selected previously?

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Yes this works.

I would still however suggest that a more elegant method of exiting the modular section be used. Especially since the module selector will eventually span more than one page. :+1:

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Right, we’ll revisit this later on when and if it becomes an issue. In the meantime I need to focus on other features.