Modulating the SVF question

Something I noticed - in a patch I’m building, I have a number of LFOs feeding the SVF filters to modulate things like the cutoff. In so doing I don’t see any animation of the cutoff values when in the SCH view? Should I?

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I’d say no.

a module can only show CV modulation IF it display that value separate from the ‘user value’ changed by the encoder. otherwise, you’d be trying to change a value that was moving, which is a horrible experience :wink:

the best way to see modulation is by looking at the output on the network screen for the output.
(future : SWAT has an algo to display values)


Many thanks for Clarifying - that makes sense

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An additional question here - as it’s still about modulating the SVF

Simple setup using midi keyboard in to SSP
MIDI => LFO ==> SVF == OUT
All works well - if you alter the cutoff by hand you get the usual sweep sounds and obviously setting the resonance to different values you can get some nice sounds

Additional LFO added to hit the SVF cuttoff - BUT I’m not getting slow sweeps - in fact with the 2nd LFO set to something like course 0 and fine 0.100 Hz - I get a rather harsh beating sound - and if I set the fine to 0 it makes no difference?

I’d attached the patch/preset here but I’m not sure how?

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you can zip a preset and attach it to your message

wavejockey - thanks for that. No need to send it now to ask for assistance - but will keep a mental note for next time!. I scrapped it and went bed!

Next day I rebuilt the patch and all worked as I expected - so it was probably me. Now modulating the SVF beautifully and by altering the output level you can get a nice subtle gentle movement - great stuff.