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Developer: TheTechnobear

I develop these plugins for free, please consider supporting my efforts with a donation.

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mtot midi tools - midi output

midi output

Change Log

1.0.1 release
1.0.0 early access release

Developer: TheTechnobear

I develop these plugins for free, please consider supporting my efforts with a donation.

General Usage

This module allows output of midi notes and cc to a selected device.
the midi output device and channel is select in the system view (Left Shift+Right Shift)
hint: if OMNI is selected for channel, it will use channel 1


do NOT use at audio rate, you’ll almost certainly overrun a buffer, either on the ssp or your midi router/device :wink:

the SSP currently has an issue where it internally connects to the output device that is created (argghh!)
this means the MIDI module will cease to work.
ALSO if you attempt to switch patches, you will get an ERROR
the ‘workaround’ to this is before you switch patches is to reconnect a physical midi device to get the SSP to connect to that!

I will be letting Percussa know of this issue, and hopefully a new release can fix this.


if a pitchbend range is specified then if the v/oct changes whilst the gate is high
pitchbends will be output to keep achieve the note. of course, this is only within the pitchbend range.
set a pitchbend range appropriately.
sub tip: small pitchbend ranges have more resolution, but (duh) less range.

new notes sent on gate change


Percussa SSP - https://www.percussa.com/

reserved for future modules

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Hi @thetechnobear, I’m trying to use the MTOT midi out vst but cant for the life of me figure out how to make it work. I’ve got an INP module and the MTOT module. They are connected and I’ve gone so far as to enable MTOT:CV A through MTOT:VEL on all 24 channels. I still am not getting any mid output. I’m plugged into the center USB port. Is there something I’m missing? I read through your github documentation as well as the Percussa forum but did not see how to connect the inputs to the MTOT. Please help!

sorry, not enough details to really say what you doing wrong…

have you selected the midi output device within MTOT? does it show up correctly?

(it does not matter which of the two usb host ports you use)

I’d probably just start with something like an LFO going slowing into MTOT, and send that out via MTOT… just check that you have the midi device selection working correctly first.
you can also use the scopes on the percussa to ensure you are seeing the signals you expect being sent to MTOTs inputs.

there is nothing ‘unusual’ about how you connect to MTOTs inputs, but of course, without selecting the output device… then its no idea where to send the output.

NONE of my midi tools modules default to the first connected midi device (unlike MIDI) , this is a deliberate design decision, since I believe midi device selection should be explicit since many of us have multiple midi devices connected - in fact, thats the whole point of these midi tool objects… to support something the percussa modules do not.

Ive no idea what you mean about using 24 channels?! there are only 16 midi channels…