Midi sync

Where is the midi sync button as shown on the step sequencer in the Youtube vdeo from MATHS ???
the video showd OS 22042019 ?? is it in another place ??

it is no more

if you (or any other member of this planet) succeed in syncing the step sequencer to MIDI (over more than 10s) , please let me know

solution I found was , don’t use midi clock… just use the transport, and set bpm manually.

the issue is midi clock is always jittery, you see it on many hardware sequencers.
Id need to see the code to see why the ssp is more prone to this that others… it seems to continually be overestimatng the tempo, a tiny bit, which is causing it to gradually move out of sync.

but the sequencer is working accurate IF the bpm is correct.

so if you set the bpm to (e.g.) 90 bpm, and then use midi start -> ste begin, start , midi continue -> ste start, midi stop -> ste stop.
then it works really well…

of course, the drawback of this approach is having to set tempo manually - that has been an acceptable compromise for me.

another approach is to use a cv clock e.g. Ive got a midi2cv in my rack (hermod), so can send cv clock to drive clock input on STE.
this actually brings some other benefits… its pretty useful to have sync clock into the SSP anyway.
(you may want to bring in a reset and run signal too)

also, I want to do a test using SWAT.
I’d like to see if I could process the midi clock signal and derive a ‘better’ clock/bpm… this would let me see if its the underlying midi clock that has the issue, or if STE could be improved with more averaging code. ( * )
this could lead to an interesting clock module … which I think would be useful.
e.g. a module which can generate clocks with divisions (and slave to other clocks incl midi)

anyway, as is usually the case with the SSP - where there’s a will, there’s a way :slight_smile:

( * ) when determining BPM from midi clock, due to midi jitter you always have a compromise between reacting quickly to tempo changes OR to be slower, and have more ‘stability’ - so the STE might not be wrong, but rather biased to the former…
there also are other techniques (again with compromises) e.g. remove outliers


Thank you,
I have a Hermod so I will be able to send clock derived form midi I am mainly concerned about LFO an Envelope clocking

if only we could set the BPM at a fixed tempo, like 118,11 - this is currently impossible
so you can’t follow a ‘human’ performance

don’t point to HW sequencers being jittery the reason as to why the SSP is not capable of following MIDI clock - there are many sequencers who output a steady clock - i don’t mind that the SSP is displaying something else, i just want it to lock to the clock, whatever it’s tempo
trust your ears, not numbers on a display

if we need to sacrifice an input to lock the sequencer to a clock, that’s a shame

to be short : the SSP underperforms in regard to clock manipulation(s)

can you sync the LFO or ENV to a clock?

You mean like this …

The problem is, rather than think creatively about how to achieve what you want , you prefer to complain - it’s very negative.

Personally, I’m here to try to help others achieve what they can from the ssp.

I also don’t appreciate your constant griping at my freely offered help - it was not directed at you, as I know nothing will satisfy you.

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good for you but i can’t

mine tempo skips from 118.07 to 118.10 to 118.15 - if i’m very very lucky and very very patient i will hit 118.12 but before i know it, the dial will be at another value

OT, MIDI sync is not working whatever workaround you’ll come up with

the small amount of creativity i have i want to dedicate making music with gear that works how it is supposed to, not finding out how to go around it’s restrictions/non-conformity

its not about using the dial… as you can see from my screenshot the dial is set to 118.10,
ive used an offset… that is what they are for.

the point is, you claiming something is ‘currently impossible’ … when it is not - is misleading and not helpful.

the effort you spend complaining (here) could be spent learning about how to use the ssp.
if you dont have the time/energy for that, and need something more immediate then the ssp is probably not for you, and you should just move on - then we can be spared the constant negativity.

btw: if you re-read my original response - you will see, I said there were ‘issues’ with the ssp midi - just speculating the precise cause without seeing the code, is rather pointless…also I cannot do anything to fix it without the code.
so the constructive thing to do and discuss - is to concentrate on what we can do.

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SSP can sync with OT. :slight_smile:
Hihat is from SSP and snare is from OT.

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cool… so how are you doing the sync?
its not a very clear video, exactly whats doing on … but i do notice…

a) ste tempo is not changing - so that implies your not using ste:divin
b) ste is resetting before end of pattern…

so are you doing something like using ste:clock to advance step manually (over midi) and perhaps hitting ste:begin each bar start?

This is a kind of joke.

I used one midi track at octatrack and put note trigger on all steps of midi track to sent a note-on to SSP’s STE clock.

And put a parameter lock of midi cc at the first step to align the pattern length and sent to STE begin.

Topics title is “midi sync”, not "sync with midi clock ".

I can sync SSP with OT via midi!



If the midi sequencer has enough track, I think this sync way, assigning one midi track as midi “note-clock”, is not bad.

The behavior seems stable when I checked with octatrack.
It follows the tempo tweaking and a decimal change of tempo.

nice one suki - great job

Ha, so I guessed right then :slight_smile:

It’s really a variation on cv variation in mentioned.

On the OT doesn’t make a lot of sense given it’s limited to 8 midi tracks - but with something like the Squarp Pyramid it can work given it has 64 tracks.

The nice thing about it is sync cannot drift as it’s getting a ‘bar sync’.

I quite like feeding in clock rather than divin, as they don’t have to be straight , you can add things like swing - or use ‘wonky’ clocks.
Dunno feels more the ‘modular’ way :slight_smile:

Note: I believe there is a small gotcha with this approach , but I’ll leave that for you to explore

Hmmm…what kind of gotcha?
Give me a hint pls! @thetechnobear

i’ll send you a pm …