so all my USB devices are recognized instantly by MPC X as class compliant, except for - yeah, the SSP

what could be wrong?

i’m using a USB 2.0 A professional cable (male-male) with ferite core
whether plug in directly or through a powered USB hub makes no difference
i’m using the middle USB port on the SSP

power on first the SSP, then the MPC
or vice-versa
or plug in when powered
makes no difference

the SSP is not recognized

even my 155€ Behringer gets recognized immediately but not the SSP
this 2000$ device is not USB compliant!

The ssp can only act as a host. If your mpc is acting as a host then it will not be able to connect with the ssp.

BTW: Your use of USB compliancy is not appropriate given what you are speaking about. The SSP is in fact USB complaint. This is why it can be plugged into your computer.

You would need an intermediary in between. Unless you can set the mpc to be a client and then the ssp would indicate if the connection was successful or not.

However, I’m curious, if you were able to connect the ssp to your mpc as a client what would you hope to accomplish? The ssp doesn’t have a means of outputting midi via USB in the grid. (at least that I’m aware of)

i’m trying to connect the SSP as a client
just as every other USB gear
to control it remotely, play notes, send MIDI clock, send MIDI cc

it is working with a ROLAND UM-ONE MIDI - USB connection, but only with such a cable
other MIDI-USB solutions are not working

USB - USB is not working either, whatever interface i use

while all other USB gear is working perfectly, the SSP is not

Another MIDI question

I am trying to connect the Nerdseq sequencer to the SSP using midi.
Using Dolphix USB - Midi Input en Midi Output kabel - 1,8 meter

I can’t get sound out of synth patches like 8wto or ob4i4

What am i missing.
CV control using SSP input module was a total frustration for me. 10 day of work, not 1 single usable video… everything was midi input.

So i’m trying midi… no result… Why not?

it won’t work with that interface
you’ll have to use the ROLAND UM-one MIDI cable/interface

i had a little succes with the ESI midimate but then clock was lagging & MIDI cc was not recognized

also, be weary that the SSP round-robins incoming MIDI note data arbitrary to whatever voice it wants
(if you have a polyphonic patch)

And I’ll add that it’s irrelevant how many of your other devices can function as a client, as we aren’t talking about them.

Perhaps make a suggestion for the SSP to provide a client mode using one of the other USB ports. This would be nice, but is outside of the scope of the products initial specifications.

Hey there, I know when using the roland midi to USB midi dongle there is a switch to switch it from tablet and computer mode. The SSP works with the computer mode.

Provided the the cable is configured correctly then the patches already configured with midi should just work. This assumes, of course, that nerdseq is sending midi data, etc.

I’m really sorry about your frustration. I don’t work for Percussa, but I am sorry that you put the effort in, and were not successful.

For your specific situation, the Nerdseq provides two ways to interface with the SSP, and both should work.

If you would like please PM me a Skype, or some other VOIP chat app handle, and I can do a quick chat with you. We should be able to get you using the Input module in about 5 minutes.

I think once you understand HOW the interface is working, it will be more intuitive on setting it up.

correct, we are not talking about other devices

i’m talking MIDI over USB, as the title suggest

sending MIDI to the SSP
what is also a pity is there’s no way you can see MIDI is actually reaching the SSP - apart from a line in the display when you send a note
not even a LED flashing, what my +device(s) from 1983 (onwards) had

i can only make it work -good- with the ROLAND UM-ONE cable

not with a normal USB cable

why is that?

Has anyone ever told you that you come off very entitled and are extremely off-putting? Maybe it is because english is a second language for you? (which is to be respected and appreciated) Maybe I am just inferring it, as you are not intending to be so? Please understand that I’m taking my time to help you. Doing you a favor. Not the other way around.

What you need to understand is that Midi is a nice extra with the SSP. It is not even close to being the most important thing about it. Most of your complaints can be addressed via software additions. However, they are time extensive and there are other more important things, I’d imagine, already on the chopping block.

Midi over USB can have some variations in how it is implemented. The Roland UM-ONE cable takes DIN 5 midi and allows you to plug into a usb interface.

A normal USB cable does usb to usb. I’d imagine the reason you can’t use that with a DIN 5 midi cable would be obvious.

Everything that I’ve plugged into to the SSP with USB to USB midi has worked. The UM-ONE acts as a client no matter what the DIN 5 is plugged into. This is because din 5 midi is not implemented with a host and client facility like USB. This means MIDI works with it, as the SSP sees a client.

Perhaps your other cables are not making this translation.

As I’ve stressed now twice in this thread, if the device you intend to connect to the SSP is acting as a host, it will not work without an interface in between (for example, the UM-ONE).

no, you are the first one to mention that :rofl:

i don’t need anything from you, but i’m happy that you chime in
i am using the (MIDI2CV and USB connectivity) functionality of the SSP as advertised and mentioned here on the forum by it’s developer

if you read my post through, you would have understood that i’m doing USB2USB, just like you
and that i cannot get it to work, with whatever cable i’m using
contrary to other devices -that cost a lot less money- which work like a breeze

And yet you have STILL not answered in what mode the devices you are trying to connect to the SSP are using for the connection.

For the 4th time, if they are trying to act as a host they will not work with the SSP which is also acting as a host. Nothing in the marketing material indicated it would work with everything and nothing in the two posts you linked indicated that either. I think your lack of understanding in how USB midi works could be the issue here.

Thnx for the advice.

I’ll try the Roland midi-usb convertor. If nothing else works i’ll love to set up a short skype session if thats all right with you! Thanks for the offer!


where or when did you ask that question?

Sure thing just PM me your skype handle and when you’d have time, and we’ll get something setup.

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Thnx for the advice on the Roland UM-One. Midi is working.

(Now trying to figure out how to get some punchy wavetable into the 8WTO instead of the soft ambient cloud… :wink: )

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please contribute here if you got some remarks/finds

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