MIDI note trigger?

Hello! I just got my used SSP and am exploring how to use it. One of my main goals is to build a virtual analog drum kit, with circuits modeled on the 808 and similar. I’ve done it multiple times in the Nord Modular and am curious to see how it sounds on the SSP.

One question: how do I set up a MIDI input to trigger a sound on a particular note? I exchanged some email with Bert about this a while back but he didn’t go into detail, and I don’t see anything simple in the example patches.


Ah, I just found The Technobear’s MTTR. I think that’s my answer. Not sure how I missed it when I first looked.

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Anyone have an example patch using MTTR they can share? I’m having a little trouble hooking it up. I’ve connected one to a sampler module, but for some reason only the odd-numbered triggers are working.

Id need to test, but a quick look at the code, it looks like there is a small bug where I check to see if the outputs are connecting to something.
(I re-ordered the outputs during dev, and forgot to update this check… and my test uses the first 4 triggers/vel with my DRUM modules so it passed its test)

you can work around by making sure that you connect the first 8 outputs to something, a dummy module.

its not exactly what you describe, but its the only thing in the code that looks problematic to me.

Thanks. It looks like that was the issue – when I connected the velocity outputs to the amp inputs on the SAM, all the sounds started coming through.

Next bug: when I created another MTTR and another SAM to get the rest of the drumkit, those sounds come through quietly and/or truncated. Seems to be something weird with SAM.

Anyway, it’s really nice that both the MTTR and SAM are 8-channel. I can get a full drumkit in here with just a handful of modules; I was expecting to need a trigger-sampler pair for every sound. I see some other modules are quad as well.

Well, there’s definitely something wonky going on with the velocity triggers. If I don’t assign them at all, I don’t hear some of the sounds. If I assign them on output from the MTTR and then enable them on input from the SAM, I hear nothing, or maybe a short pop. If I enable them on output from MTTR but do NOT enable them on input from SAM, they work fine (but, of course, no velocity info).

what are velocity triggers? do you mean triggers or velocity, they are completely separate.

to be clear, velocity is the note on velocity value from midi … its purpose was to be used as an accent, it cannot be used as a trigger, as it will sometimes be too low to force a trig.
thats why I have the trigger output.

Id try to use initial without velocity at all… as I mentioned above, just make sure you send the first 4 to a ‘dummy’ module to implement the workaround.

apart from that, when I get time, I’ll fix the MTTR output issue, and at the same time, test it in other scenarios.

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Sorry, I mean assigning the trigger output to the SAM gate input and the velocity output to the SAM amp input. It’s working without velocity (though it seems like you have to assign the velocity outputs to something to get it to work).

ah, yeah, I’ve found a couple of issues with velocity - unfortunately, they cannot be worked around.

Ive fixed (and tested) in dev, so will work as expected when released.

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Thanks. Happy to do any testing that would be helpful! Also planning on figuring out how to build modules for the SSP and contributing myself, but haven’t even started to look at that yet.

What are the velocity issues?

Also, is it a known issue that the MTTR misses some notes?

Any plan to release an update with your fix?

kind of, yes and no :wink:

unfortunately, I made the changes in my dev branch which has moved on considerably…to accommodate something Ive been working on for a while.
however, that has dragged on for a very long time for various reasons.

hopefully in the next few weeks that will solidify a bit, and I could put out some kind of beta,
if not, then I might see if I can cherry pick the the changes back, just to release as a patch.
not sure, how feasible that is, given how far my dev branch has moved on… which is why I avoided in the past… but I can see, if it looks like my other changes are going to drag on for longer !