Midi Network on 2 samplers?

I need to have 2 samplers
one sampler with 6 stereo wave files that stereo output on physical outputs > out1 et out2
another sampler [ with 6 mono wave files ] that I need to output on physical output 3 > to go on my pedalboard

I need to control the amp on each wave file by midi controllers midi channel#1
sampler1 / cc21> amp1 … sampler1 / cc26> amp1
sampler2 / cc31> amp1 … sampler2 / cc36> amp1

is that both amp1 on each samplers react with cc21 and cc31
I can’t have independent cc on each amp1
It’s like all the samplers amp1 have the same network input

I tried to create 2 modules MIDI and split in 2 independent connection networks
first module MIDI connect to first SAM
and the second MIDI connect to second SAM

but they act like the same MIDI module.


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you can work around this issue by using the BUS module. See elsewhere in the forum for more information and hints. This module basically lets you distribute signals across large patches but also gives you additional power in routing signals to modules of the same type, avoiding the situation where signal unintentionally are patched to the same modulation input.

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OK Bert,
I had finally time to test your BUS idea.
I think I made a good working patch with 2 MIDI BUS lines.

CC#83 CC#84 > BUS1 / BUS2 > SAMP1 > AUDIO OUTPUT 7 / 8 [ 2 monos to 2 pedal lines ]
CC#73 CC#74 > BUS3 / BUS4 > SAMP2 > AUDIO OUTPUT 1 / 2 [ stereo ]

Both together don’t work, If I have just keep one BUS line [ A or B ] , one at the time, it’s work
Both >>> The output of the other line don’t have audio out.

If you can check my patch in the upload, I tried hard but I can’t figure how it can be work.
You will have better eyes than me on this simple patch.

2busLines.pbp.zip (6.9 KB)

i will have a look as soon as I can.

I don’t understand what exactly is not working, can you be more specific?

I looked at your patch and I see nothing wrong. I loaded samples into the samplers and used the input module instead of MIDI modules to quickly check that the signal path is OK.

Your MIDI modules are configured for CH1, I’m assuming you are sending all your CC messages on channel 1? What do the CC outputs of the MIDI modules show when you move the CC sliders/knobs on your MIDI Controller? can you see the output signal changing on the MIDI modules?

If you see the output signal changing on the MIDI modules do you also see the signals coming into the BUS modules and being sent out of the BUS modules, and do the signals arrive at the AMP inputs of your sampler modules?

Finally, for the sampler playing your mono samples, did you load each mono sample into a different slot inside that sampler module?

The problem is just when I the MIDI module. Whit the CV input module it’s work.
With midi controller, I can just control one sample at the time.
If I remove all the line of sampler A, Sampler B cc#midi assigned works
If I remove all the line of Sampler B, Sampler A cc#midi assigned works
both when but are in the patch, one sampler is not anymore control by is cc# assigned

remove everything from your patch except the two midi modules, and confirm that you can see the 4 CCs you are using generate a changing level on the output of the midi modules when you send the CCs on channel 1.

I removed all and keep 2 MIDI modules
and just one works

I removed the second MIDI module
and keep just one
and add the 2 cc# from the second MIDI module
and the 4 CC# works on ONE MIDI Module.
It seem that to have 2 MIDI modules in the same patch create conflicts

there are no conflicts, the behaviour comes from the way midi voice allocation works, I suggest you read this update in detail - Update 22042019 [Major MIDI Module Improvements; Step Sequencer and Granular Fixes]

ok thank’s
Just to be sure I well understand the situation.

Is it possible to use the same midi channel[1] on two midi module at the same time.
my 4 cc# 73,74,83,84 come from the same midi channel[1] from my controller midi box and I have to target them to 2 different samplers.
It seem impossible… or how I can do it.
I’m not sure I understand well the solution.

feed the 4 outputs of the one midi module into 4 inputs of a bus module

then put a bus module next to each sampler module and feed the relevant outputs of the bus modules into the inputs of your samplers.

in total you have 3 bus modules and one midi module.

this should give you the flexibility you want.

ok I will try it NOW

Yep, it’s work !!!
many thank’s

I understand more now how the BUS work,
I made the mistake to connect the2 BUS modules together
we don’t need to make that, it’s already virtual connected.
More easy !!!

thank’s again bert