MIDI keyboard application complications

It seems that those four MIDI modes are not related to how to assign voices.
What is a relation between the MIDI modes and voice assign? Am I overlooking something?

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in true modular style :slight_smile:

mode 4 would enable you to channel 1 voice to 1 (internal) module
mode 3 would enable you to channel 1 MIDI ch to multiple or 1 module
etc etc

nothing modular about midi , or midi modes :wink:

Im not quite sure I understand what you believe is missing?
assign only 1 MIDI module to a channel, and you have monophonic
assign multiple MIDI modules to a channel its polyphonic.

and you use different midi channels to gain multi-timbral functionality.

(MPE, when you don’t have polyphonic modules, is pretty much the same as multi-timbral - esp, as very few MPE synth handle poly on a voice channel even though its in the spec… and its no great loss)

the main areas I see ‘missing’ of voice allocation are voice stealing.
almost always poly uses LRU… its pretty much alway what you want.
but mono has various strategies which have influenced music, this like high or low note priority, and also how this affects re-triggering behaviour… this exist because early mono synths, had different approaches.
… but none of this is covered by midi modes.

Id like to see this added to the existing MIDI module.

Its interesting that Percussa chose to spread multiple voices over multiple MIDI modules.
this makes quite a bit of sense given the UI (and that we have access to 16 slots on one page to connect to)

but its unusual compared to eurorack… where the ‘norm’ is to have one module with many cv/gate outputs. (ok, ES have expander modules, but they still follow this for the main part of the FH2)
what’s nice about this approach is its more explicit… and im considering once the midi connection bug is resolved, I might do a vst that uses this approach.

however, as I said, its not ideal in the SSP UI … if you imagine 8 cv/gate pairs, your going to end up using a BUS module to distribute around the grid.
(that said, and why Im considering it), I usually use a BUS module for the outputs of each voice anyway, so using if for the cv/gate is not a big deal.
… but I can see why Percussa when the way they did, to eliminate this step.

back to LuCrow528 point, yes its possible to implement both mono and poly synths on the SSP.
and indeed, each ‘voice’ you create separately.
there is no concept of polyphonic modules (as there is in, e.g., vcvrack , softtube modular)

did you make use of the sampler in SSP yet?

it is a 8 voice module

Yeah, I’ve used SAM a bit, but I’m not that much into using samples on the ssp ( prefer synthesis) so it’s not the one I use the most

SAM is more like a classic multi module - where it’s really 8 copies of one module. Each independent, multi-tilmbral.

Polyphonic modules tend to be built for polyphony, so many controls are shared between the voices eg see the recent doepfer poly range.
This is because usually for polyphony you want to share many attributes across voices (they are after alll supposed to be voices of one sound)

But of course , there are uses for both multi modules and poly modules.