MIDI keyboard application complications

Just received my unit. Would like to connect my MDID keyboard to trigger the module. Doesn’t seem to be so user friendly though… I have an idea of “how to” but nothing seems to work. the keyboard is recognized but it doesn’t ever seem to trigger anything. even the preset patches wont key in on a press. any ideas why? And how does MIDI mapping actually work on this thing?

What MIDI key do you use? And are there any change in scope of MIDI module’s output when you press keys? I’ve used MIDI pad with SSP and it has been working without trouble.

Thanks for responding! I am using a new midi keyboard icon 5X the percussa even recognizes it. but with no success it does not trigger anything. patching seems abit confusing to me as well

what do you mean by MIDI scope?

I made a movie for explanation.
Add a MIDI module and connect to another module and scroll down to gate-output of midi module.
If your MIDI keyboard is working, you can find signal changes in scope of MIDI module output on lower right side when you press keys.

my ssp does not have those green numbers on the left only the red on on the right of the scopes. and still no triggering. I don’t even know if it need firmware updates, think mine may have the old firmware

i see you have way more loaded modules than I have in mine haha plaits is from mutable instruments. i use blofeld this is my second synth. learning curve is steep. I thank you for you time and patience but it still wont work

when i patch modules the it seems to trigger on it own with out me pressing anything and its on like 1 note hold never shuts off am i doing something wrong???

Um… MIDI keyboard doesn’t send note off? I’m not sure, but I think you should check the details of MIDI message of your midi keyboard on your PC.
In some case, some midi controller is sending unsuitable MIDI message for SSP.


About modules, you should check @thetechnobear 's awesome VSTs in this forum!

It’s an icon 5x midi keyboard controller maybe this box doesn’t accept certain controllers the buttons will trigger note but not keys that so wierd there is something wrong. I have key board plugged directly into ssp

its hard to tell from the Icon website if the Icon 5x is a class compliant midi device - when their software is not installed. my concern would be that the software you usually use on windows/mac to help configure it, is not present on linux…
(you’d have thought the ‘defaults’ would be ok, but who knows!)

if your ssp does not ‘have those green numbers’ then I suspect you are not on the latest firmware version - so the first thing Id do is upgrade to the latest firmware.
(see other posts for how to update to latest firmware)

Hey thanks for reaching out to me man. So what keyboards would you suggestions for this. Arturia keystep pro or what? Just a few suggestions wojld be cool ill go grab one up here soon. You are appreciated :pray:

any usb class compliant keyboard should be fine…
I’ve used a few different midi devices with the SSP without problem.
really depends on your budget and what you want :slight_smile:

for eurorack, Ive been tempted with a keystep pro…
not only does it have usb midi, but its cv/gate outputs are very useful in a eurorack setup.
also has a 4 track sequencer - again very useful.

but I don’t have one, as I have other sequencers and keyboards, so really a bit of duplication for me.
not sure, if others here have it.

perhaps you could order something like a keystep from amazon, or somewhere else that takes returns - that way you can get it, check that it works, and does what you want with less risk!? (*)

(*) as I said, really any modern usb class compliant midi device should work fine, at least in my experience

Bert said something about a “mackie mode” I use icon 5x midi keyboard how would I go about getting it out of mackie mode? Have the software and it Connecticut to PC but im just not sure how to get it of of this Mode. The buttons on the side trigger the synth not the keys… this is the issue for me. Not sure what im doing wrong. But I did see the keystep pro. That one is plug in play? Meiningen the keys trigger the synth from the jump.

unfortunately, im guessing no-one else here has the same controller - so we are kind of ‘shooting blind’

one question…
on your mac/pc , when you plug in the 5x , does it show up as more than one midi device?
… it may be that the mackie interface is on one ‘midi port’ and the class compliant on another.
the SSP always connects to the FIRST usb midi port it sees, so if that just used for mackie, this might explain your issues.

another way to test this theory on the SSP.
make sure the SSP has the latest firmware installed, and the install my plugins.
(my plugins will NOT work unless you have the latest firmware installed, do not even try unless you are on the latest !!!)

once installed, create an empty patch and you insert my MTMO vst.
this is a midi monitor, and shows what messages are being received.
BUT to configure it, you need to press LS+RS at the same time.
this will allow you to select the PORT to listen to.

if you see 2 ports for your 5x, then this shows the problem is as suspected.

you can then select a midi port, and press LS+RS to return to main display.
press some keys, and it will show you what midi is coming in.

if you have multiple midi ports, then you can repeat this with other ports and see if you get different results.

k… so if it is two midi ports, then this probably shows that the SSP is selecting the ‘wrong’ one, and so its not going to work with the MIDI module.

however, you can probably make it work with my MTIN module in the same way as you made MTMO work above.

BUT there are a number of limitations with these modules, and some partial incompatibility (details in post below) - but the biggest limitation is MTIN is only monophonic.
… but at least it can ‘get you going’ and you’ll see what the issue.

more details on my midi vsts here:

overall, if the above does reveal the issue - then there’s not really a great solution for the SSP (unless bert makes the midi input channel configurable) - so you’d be best off using a different keyboard.

Well thank you for the info. What keyboard would you suggestions then arturia keystep pro? What keyboards are people using here? Maybe then I could choose the right one. You say its mono synth though or the modules are mono? So to make it poly id have to add say 4-8 Wavetable modules then to be 8 voice poly? Correct me if I read it wrong. This is a lot to wrap my head around.:pray:

I use a few midi device to send in midi - Ive a Virus TI which is my main keyboard… I use a Squarp Pyramid as a sequencer. and others…

I think most probably just use what they have, and you are perhaps just a bit unfortunate with the 5x (the previous post above, I think will show why… but who knows)

as what to buy, I think totally depends on your needs and budget. (also how good a ‘feel’ you need on a keybed)
a lot of people in the Eurorack arena love the original keystep, as its pretty compact, and has a functional sequencer/arp.
Ive not tried the keystep pro, but if i didn’t have another sequencer… Id have probably bought it… but its quite large (on the desk)

mono vs poly.
ok, so all modules are mono, so yes, you need to use multiple modules to create poly synths.

my point was ,
the (factory) MIDI module handles polyphony by voicing each note out of a separate MIDI module. (see one of the factory presets as an example)

my MTIN modules does not have this poly voice handling. so can only handle one note per midi channel.

the problem here is that the factory MIDI module distributes (incoming) poly MIDI arbitrary, in a round robin fashion - as opposed to any known MIDI standard - so you never know to what (internal) module your note will be sent

there’s not really a midi standard for how to voice … thats up to the synth engine.

I don’t think the SSP MIDI round robin is arbitrary, but for sure you cannot chose with algo it uses (there are various that you might want to use), but as you say the UI does not really let you know which voice it will end up using.
the main ‘issue’ I have , is that it does not do voice stealing… this is problematic when you are not using that many voices (e.g. 1-4) which is pretty common on the SSP.

but honestly, eurorack is not great for polyphony either.

once the ‘midi bug’ is fixed I might consider doing a polyphonic version of PLTS which would be driven directly from a midi input … this has been in approach in hardware eurorack, its not as ‘modular’, but sometimes we just want a poly voice.
(its a bit more efficient (cpu) to do polyphony inside a single vst/module)

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of course there are MIDI standards
in fact there are 4:
mode 1 : omni on/poly
mode 2 : omni on/mono
mode 3 : omni off/poly
mode 4 : omni off/mono

i think these would be (a good/the) base of the MIDI module