Midi issues and firmware updates

I notice when I patch a midi module to another say like an LFO it gets triggered even though I’m not triggering it manually… why is that? Also on my midi scopes I do not see any green number only the red at top right. Is this an old firmware? If so where do I get the latest firmware download? Does this box only sync to specific midi keyboards? I’m using icon 5x. Please some one help me…

Can’t help yet with the midi stuff as I’m also a new user, but I did just update my firmware and got all of Technobear’s modules too.

On the Percussa Forum main page, top left is “all categories >” box, click it and you can sort by Software Updates and Manual and other topics. If you sort by Manual you can find a lot of treads discussing the basics of the standard set of SSP modules so far. However, as the firmware has been updated, the manuals haven’t kept up as much and the Software Updates sections sometimes has updated information about modules.

I personally haven’t gotten to messing around with midi yet, but it’s on my to do list. Here’s the midi page I’ve found so far. MIDI Module Details and MPE/non-MPE modes - SSP manual - Percussa Forum

Often you won’t see data showing up until the module itself is being patched. For example, I found that the sequencer didn’t look “alive” until I actually fed it to something that could be sequenced, then I saw that the playhead was stepping through the sequence. So you might not see if the midi is sending the info until it is actually connected to a thing. The MTIN is a midi input module that technobear has created, you might download his modules, update the firmware, and read his documentation he has for the midi module. Here’s a relevant snippet from the doc I have downloaded:

General Usage

why do we need another midi input object when we have MIDI…
I’m glad you asked :wink:
Currently the MIDI module is fixed to using the first midi device connected.
MTIN allows you to assign any connected midi input

I think that you can read the right hand column of that video in your other thread GATE:Plts:Trig as the midi note Gate into the Plaits module into the Trig input.

To update the firmware, I found a forum post under the SSP Software Updates category here: SSP Software update 08072018 - SSP Software Updates - Percussa Forum

The latest firmware is posted here last updated November 2020 Fix 28112020 - SSP Software Updates - Percussa Forum

Technobear has been writing some other modules for the SSP as well which has opened up the capabilities of the box a lot. Please find those here: TheTechnobear’s VSTs development - SSP SDK - Percussa Forum

I think post 190 is the latest. If you plug the SD card into your computer, you can copy over the files into the modules folder. Copy over the scales too if you’d like. Take it one step at a time, follow the instructions, read through the updates and manuals, it was pretty easy when I did it. :slight_smile:

Percussa SSP talk + demo @ analogue haven - Feb 13th 2019 - YouTube

At 1:04:24 there’s discussion of how the midi module works and how it’s used with other modules. Might be of use for you.

Also I looked up the iKeyboard 5X iCON Pro Audio thing here, is this the correct one?
iKeyboard 5X | iCON Pro Audio
It says “Class-compliant with Windows 7, 8 & 10 (32-bit & 64-bit), Mac OS X (IntelMac) and iOS” so it should probably work

Make sure you’re plugged into the middle usb port, that one is for midi devices.

Yes it is plugged in the middle port it doesn’t work at all except for when I push buttons on the side not the key bed. It’s cool nothing is perfect and you can’t win em all. I can just return its salt over my shoulder man.

i just put the SD card in and it say it need formatted or something and has said it in duplicates i had to take it out to get it to stop. Then clear all error messages. Its cool i can send it back no worries got the return slip printed out. when i put in the percussa it boots up but its buggy on the knobs a bit they seem unstable. thanks for the help

Gotcha, sorry to hear it! Good luck with the returns.