Midi Clock Sync Tempo too fast?

Hi guys, I just got my SSP and Im getting along great with it so far. However, I’m having some issues syncing to my Novation SLMkiii. I have installed the latest SSP update and I am sending Midi over USB from the novation directly into the SSP. I have a midi module connected to an STE module in the following ways:

Midi Play - STE Start
Midi Stop - STE Stop
Midi Clock - STE DivIn

For some reason STE is reading the clock wrong and playing back way faster then it should. ie I have the novation tempo set to 120bpm but the STE is reading it as 180-179 (flickering between those two tempos).

Did I set it up incorrectly or is there issues with midi clock that are still being worked out?

welcome to the forum! please read all the info about the midi module and syncing in this software update post - Update 25082019 [New VCA/Mixer; New step sequencer; New MIDI sync features; various fixes and optimizations]

you have to set the DivF factor to the correct value.

I knew I was missing something! Thanks Bert!

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