Midi clock out

Description of feature:
A way to output midi clock (via USB midi connection) could be helpful sometimes.

How will this feature improve the workflow or experience for all SSP users:
Some synths can’t be clocked via CV – this would allow SSP to be a clock source for them; then it would be a natural choice of the central clock source of a setup.

If there’s a way to do this that I missed, please educate me :slight_smile: .

background / practical considerations

In my current use case i wanted to integrate a DSI Pro2 via the middle USB port.
I tried making the Pro2 the master, but things seemed quite shaky, and SSP seems the more natural clock source when there is both midi and CV clock.
(I don’t think there’s a way to CV-clock the Pro2, and e.g. using a Pro2 LFO as a CV clock source also didn’t seem to work due to it resetting unpredictably (?)…)
In the end I added a laptop to the setup that is now the clock source; that’s ok, but it would be nice if the setup was running standalone, too.

Thinking practically, I’m not totally sure where it would be best to add the functionality.

  • Perhaps MIDI could get a corresponding input, which is then routed to the USB-midi (and perhaps a toggle [midi clock source / midi clock receiver], but I’m not sure it’s necessary, some visual display always helps though).
  • MTOT or CLKD also look like good candidates.

Maybe it’s easy-ish to add next time someone updates these. Just a suggestion :-).

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