Mid Side processing

Description of feature (short and simple): I love my LRMSMSLR and am likely going to buy one of the new WORNG mid-side modules. But, a module that could do mid side separation, potentially with a stereo spread control to help control how much side and mid there are, would be incredible within the SSP.

How will this feature improve the workflow or experience for all SSP users (keep it short and focused): being able to add shimmer to the ‘sides’ of a sub mixed set of drums from the PMIX, while keeping the kick clean in the ‘mid’ would be a way of exploiting a tried and true production technique that I, for one, really get a lot of legs out of. Realistically, multiple instances of this module (treating different busses differently) is something that’s not attainable in most racks (I am already at 84HP, 18U or something stupid, and have 4HP allocated to this processing currently) that could become so much more attainable.

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