MI Rings module

Greetings Percussa community.

New proud owner of SSP here. (BTW - is there a cheat sheet that describes the modules shipped? Didn’t see any reference to it in the quick start guide). MATTHS did I nice job in describing the modules in his video but that was a year+ ago and my unit contains newer modules.

EDIT: Found Wiki page describing the modules here → Full module list - #2 by thetechnobear

Was inspired by TheTechnobear’s video showing off running multiple Rings modules, Would like to get it running on my unit but am having an issue. Had confirmed the rngs.so exists in ‘plugins’ directory but don’t see the module on the network modules page. And according to Bert the VST module was deprecated in the newer code and now all modules should auto appear.

Also, would love to get my hands on the Clouds module but it appears I lack access to the file.

And thank you Mark and others for creating great compelling videos on where to spend my money :wink:


sorry, @Akhima thats completely inaccurate and misleading :wink:

rings/clouds are released… so you can get without early access

you can find download/installation instructions here on the the wiki

I announce modules etc here:

this page also talks about EAP…
early access is just for modules that are not currently release, once released everyone has access to the them… and so the ‘pre-release’ links on the EAP are not required any more !

also please note, as per wiki, all release are for CURRENT ssp firmware only, so you must make sure you are up to date… again, see wiki for details.

and generally talk about dev here:


Much appreciated. Will poke at it again later today.

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whoops, in that case I stand corrected and delete my initial post.

Think I found why my original attempt failed. I assume had imported the earlier “VST” version (which doesn’t work with the latest firmware) but was successful importing all modules posted from @thetechnobear’s dropbox → (EDITED; removed the link per @thetechnobear’s request.)

Thanks for the guidance!

this is why you should NOT be quoting links to the binaries.
(as you just have, please remove the bit.ly link from your post ;))

this is why I always quote the wiki (or forum post, which directs to wiki), this is so that I can convey important information to users.

its NOT just about the binaries… linking to them, leads to confusion, which invariably I have to sort out :wink: … this topic is an example of this.