Making it work with Ableton yet?

I have windows updated as much as it wants to be. Is it an extra update? Where can I find it? Can you send a link? I can tell you for sure windows confirmed it recognized the SSP by name… but Ableton isn’t seeing it.

A bit tangential from @PyroMalibu’s report, but wanted to mention that I tried hooking an iPad up to the Percussa, and it shows up right away in Aum’s hardware inputs, but unfortunately it also becomes the only available output (can’t use the headphone jack any longer). I guess there’s no notion of “aggregate device” on iOS. Oh well, I’ll keep using the Mac for DAW integration. Audio over USB is definitely convenient though! I hope @PyroMalibu is able to sort out the Windows issue.

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you can find info online on how to check if you have the creator’s update -

also, you should install audacity and see if you can record using that software. That is what I use to test this feature. It’s a free download.

Other than that, if you can post a screenshot with a closeup of your audio settings in ableton live that is helpful too (driver types in the drop down menu as well as available audio interfaces for each driver type). Make sure you connected your SSP’s device port to the PC before you start Ableton Live and that you verified it works in Audacity.

@bert that link doesn’t seem to help. I think it’s from a previous year? I have OS build 17134.112 and they’re talking about 15 and 16000 build. version 1803 installed on 5/13/18

I found it. it’s called line/source sink wave or dx. Thought I didn’t recognize those so I tried them and one of them worked.

This has very limited functionality for me, because I already have a sound card with 16 inputs. I love the idea however, and only wish Windows 10 could aggregate audio devices and use them all, but it’s a one at a time thing, even with ASIO4ALL. I may be tempted to switch over to the SSP audio inputs when 8 are available, but right now I’ll just stick to the tascam 16x08.

I really love that it CAN do this however. Makes it a sound card!


as long as you have the fall creators’ update you should be good.

you should not use the DX version of the device, try using the wave one. DX is an old standard. Weird that it shows up as line/source sink.

the nice thing about the SSP’s usb audio streaming is that you can combine recording stuff from your rack with recording the SSP’s synthesis output, and the SSP inputs are DC coupled and eurorack-voltage level compatible (unlike normal audio interface I/O).

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I already have this working at 8 channels, on Mac and Windows, but have to test it some more and then roll it into an upcoming kernel / application update. Will keep you posted.


The idea of USB Audio/CV streaming is a huge + especially with option of 8 DC coupled inputs into SSP. Its getting the synthesis audio integration into studio environment that I am struggling to get my head around. I have USB audio coming into my DAW from SSP (using windows drivers and high latency) but the problem is getting that audio playing alongside my DAW only having option of one audio driver at a time (not sure if this is just a windows thing), I need my master channel to pass audio out to my monitors, or headphones. Otherwise using non Asio drivers for multiple channels is too much for windows drivers to handle, especially if you want to use MIDI channels/Soft synths.

As I have iconnectivity, I thought it would be great to use the audio pass through but the 32 bit rate is not compatible, whilst you are looking into the 8 channels (as discussed above), is there a lot of work involved having option to downsample to 24 or even 16 bit streaming so those using an ipad running alongside PC/MAC can utilise audio pass through, with the additional benefit of incorporating ios effects? 24-bit has sufficient headroom for mixing.

Once we have the 8 DC coupled channels you are looking into, how would we use this alongside our DAW, or is it always going to be either one. I cannot understand what the benefit is of having non asio Audio streaming into a PC/MAC when we cant have this running at the same time.

Or is it me, a bit useless?

In addition to audio pass through, the ipad could speak to SSP, running Audulus 3 like it can with ES-8 would be fantastic.

there is currently no streaming of audio from PC/Mac to SSP supported, and there is no module in the grid for that either, but maybe we’ll add this at some point.

The SSP uses the USB audio class 2.0 drivers in Windows. This is really only supported on Windows 10 for the creator’s edition or later, because that is when Microsoft first released their USB audio class 2.0 drivers. You should use the WASAPI driver type and not MME or DirectX (which are older driver APIs which can come with poor performance). ASIO still exists today but I think as Microsoft keeps working on their WASAPI stuff it will go away eventually. It was invented at a time when there were no other options than MME/DirectX.

I don’t know how Ableton Live handles multiple audio interfaces today. It’s possible that you can only select one input and output device in their preferences menu.

I don’t know what iconnectivity is. I assume it’s an ipad thing. Is your ipad telling you that the 32 bit rate is not supported? We cannot offer multiple bit rates, there is just too much work on the driver side to support all these different combinations of sample rates and bit rates.

That depends on the DAW, it has nothing to do with Windows, Mac OSX or the SSP.

ASIO is becoming slowly obsolete and we don’t have the bandwidth to support it, because we would have to develop and maintain our own drivers. USB audio class drivers are great because Microsoft or Apple provides them and they make the hardware plug and play, no drivers to install.

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I’m working on this this week, by the way. Hopefully done by the coming weekend.

Thanks Bert, appreciate your time. I will await the update and how we utilise getting 8 channels of DC from our computer. :roll_eyes:

Here are instructions for using multiple audio interfaces on mac or pc. The configuration is outside Ableton, as Ableton can only use one interface at a time.

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Thank you @jason I will give this a go :+1::+1:


for detailed info on the recently introduced USB multichannel audio/cv streaming features of the SSP (up to 24ch) see this update - Update 23072019 [Multichannel USB audio/cv/gate/trigger streaming update; input and output module simplifications and improvements]