Looper ideas

mode : play/record/overdub
set fixed amount of bars and/or time
start recording after trig/threshold/x amount of bars
export loop to … sampler/WTO/recorder/Granular
apply EFX before/during recording

modulation inputs ?

what about recording of CV sources ?

As far as mod inputs, you’d probably have at minimum the transport related controls (play/stop/record/overdub), playback speed, direction, and perhaps some windowing (start point-end point) within the buffer.

Going farther you could have the ability to duplicate or expand a loop by multiples (duplicating audio in the loop), or contract a loop by a certain amount. Those last two could be quantized to a clock for rhythmical uses or unquantized for freeform loop size alterations.

Being able to save a state (contents, size, and transport status of buffer) and call it back on the fly would likewise be a good tool to do more than simple drones. Restart of newly called back state could be tied to clock to occur at the “1”.

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all nice & basic i would say

monitoring balancing is also basic : to be able to just hear the incoming signal (without what already/being recorded) or balance that signal

divide/multiply recording in (equal) splices/chunks/bars:beats as explained above

join/split recordings

play and loop window should indeed be 2 separate things preferably ; that parameter/functionality could come over from the GRA module - with as added bonus overlap(s) in the play/loop window(s)

playback speed & direction : * 12 (semitones ? could be nice to ‘tune’ the loop) or / 24 - direction forward & backwards of course & 0 should halt playback

incoming clocks could be used for switch/jump of GRA sized chuncks or/and timestrech using playback speed as ‘tune’ control

more bonuses : trigger out when reaching the end of the Play/loop window(s)

as a concept, ideally would see the LOOPER as a SYNCED multitrack with unlimited - or a very big number of tracks which you’d could easy switch/re-record/delete/copy/merge and mix

the looper functionality will either be built into an existing module like the sampler or it will be a seperate module, which is very simple to use. What you are talking about here is a full DAW and is not something that belongs in a module in the grid. The recorder already offers a nice set of DAW-style features.

The goal of the module collection in the grid is to give you the tools to build stuff yourself, and not to offer big all-in-one modules that basically “do everything” out of the box.