Loop SAM loops indefinitely

Bug description (state clearly and simply): when LOOP is engaged in SAMPLER, all the sample layers are looped (good) but continue to do so, even when SAM is not triggered - this cannot be intended, right?
if you engage loop, the whole (8 slot) sample is looped start to finish, but when you press play halfway the loop, only the current slot is played (OK), but this ‘false’ triggering sets of the LOOP also and continues to do forever
e.g. 4 sample slots looping, playing nicely front to back, when you press play halfway the loop, the startpoint of that slot is consequently changed to the time you pressed play, so now the 4 sample slot loop, but 1 of them starts halfway (and continues to do so indef.)

Steps to reproduce (use numbered list): insert a sample in SAM, press loop button, exit SAM, loop continues

Software version (blank if unknown): 26082018

Type (major or minor): major

This is how it was designed, so you can make textures of layered sounds easily.

The behaviour you are describing here in your post is not a bug IMHO. The play button is for auditioning, not for performing with the sampler.

but why the SAM is (still!) looping all layers when i exit the SAM module & i clearly don’t doing sound design?
is the loop button not (only) for engaging a loop in a layer? (or in all layers?)
also the loop sets off wrong when engaged halfway the sam (in one layer)
how to reset so it starts with the rest of the looplayers?

I’m assuming all sound source modules are free running, regardless if you’re in the parameter section of the tile or not… ?

This is correct. All modules are still active regardless of whether you are on the network grid or the proc menu. Imagine an lfo that only works when you are in its proc menu? Not very useful.

I’m away from my setup and admittedly haven’t used the sample module much, but is this a bug, per se, or a feature request?

so “looping” just plays the sampler module indef?
(good 4 drones)

the sampler will keep looping the samples as long as LOOP is on regardless of whether you are in the network or processor view. If you press play you are right that it will restart the current slot you are looking at. I think if you turn LOOP off and then back on, all slots will be starting at the same point again.

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yes … I think @Mercurial suggested to have a “done” output in the sampler such that when the sample has finished playback this output goes high, kind of like a gate, which might be useful to have more complex loop or start/stop behaviour.