Live stream series with Matt Hodson (matthsmatthsmatths) starts this coming sunday 6pm UK time!

Join me over at for the first of several live-streams from the studio, looking at the Percussa #SSP module. This beast offer so much under the hood and I’ll be going through what this can offer but by bit. Starting this Sunday 6pm UK time. Join in with the live chat and Q&A with myself and the developers in the chat! :+1:t2: #modular #modularsynth #percussa


live stream starts tomorrow, and I’ll be there to answer questions about the SSP. Press release is here -

going live in about 20 minutes, join us!

missed the video today? watch it again here -


did you miss part 2 of the live stream series? check it out here -


join @MATTHS for the 3rd live stream on the percussa SSP, TOMORROW 6pm UK Time! (10am PST) - @MATTHS will be diving into the MIDI features of the SSP and we’ll be there to answer tech questions in the chat as usual :+1::grinning:

going live in about 30 minutes

join Matths TOMORROW 7pm UK time (11am PST) for his 4th live stream on the #ssp #eurorack module! we’ll be there as usual to answer tech questions in the chat.

Join me and the Percussa team, live tomorrow (Monday 8th of July) at 7PM UK time for the 4th instalment, looking at the SSP module by Percussa

In this livestream I will be looking at using external modulation sources and how to feed them into the SSP!
If you missed the first three videos, check them here:

Part 1 here: (Sample Playback and Internal Sequencing)
Part 2 here: (Synth Voices)
Part 3 here: (MIDI Control and Live Performance)

Click the link below and set a reminder! :+1:t2:

latest episode featuring the multichannel USB streaming feature -