Live show with ken flux pierce - today 11am est


what time in europe?
direct link?


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…and we’re live :slight_smile: direct link


Great interviewee, good to hear of your background and listening to you brings home how much work is involved. Therefore, yours and Celine’s interaction with us all is all the more appreciated.


Any chance of sending a few review SSP’s to either Mylar Melodies, Learning Modular or DivKid for a real in depth video?
Appreciate all the work that went into getting the SSP built (since I bought one…) but it might be a good idea for @bert and @celine to gather some insight from a few real world modular experts regarding the SSP. :grin:

I think there are quite a few professionals / experts who have backed and bought the SSP and who are contributing here in the forum or are following the conversations here, I’m looking forward to seeing their videos :slight_smile: actual user videos will help grow our community.

Touché @bert

I didn’t mean to slight my fellow SSP brethren (some of whom I know are indeed modular wizards) but thought it would be better to get the above mentioned experts a Persussa to put through the paces and get a video of that out there. All the fore mentioned individuals I’m sure would jump to get a chance to do so if given a unit to play with. I watched the Flux broadcast and other than getting more information about your background and the awesome hardware specs of the SSP there really wasn’t anything there for me… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think the SSP is undoubtably a very capable piece of professional hardware (since I bought one…) but am concerned with various individual module designs, their functionality and limitations are rapidly diminishing my enthusiasm for spending precious creative time with my SSP. Don’t want to cause a flame war just stating my experience as a customer. :slightly_frowning_face:

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I agree it would be interesting to get the SSP into the hands of these people but we can’t afford to give away hardware or pay people to do videos right now. We’re a small shop.

Ken Flux asked me to do a live interview about Percussa, covering the AudioCubes, Engine/Remote and the SSP. The interview was not intended as a product review or tutorial and only gives a quick tour of the SSP towards the end for people who are new to the SSP.

I don’t understand what limitations you are talking about… The modules are building blocks and not patches or presets. You use the patcher grid to build more advanced structures from these building blocks. That is how most software modulars work.

You can do a lot with the SSP but I know it takes effort, that there is a learning curve and that you have to build patches and that this takes time. It will pay off if you persist. We’ve started posting all the presets we make in the preset corner to help you learn how the modules work and to offer ideas of using them together.

We have consistently delivered software updates (on average on a weekly basis) since we shipped all units. We’ve taken into account your as well as others’ feedback, feature requests and bug reports. The latest update I posted yesterday includes a feature you requested, copy-pasting for modules in the patcher grid.

Developing software takes all of our concentration and we just can’t be in the forum much while we are working on software. Rest assured we do read the forum, and are doing our best to prioritize bugfixes and feature requests while delivering the stretch goal modules. Please keep posting your feedback, we value it highly and are listening :slight_smile:

If you help us spread the word about the SSP through videos and conversations, the community will grow and the software will become even more powerful than it already is.


this is a good moment to step back and put into perspective that this is a team of two people making this amazing stuff. Any feature requests and tweaks have to be thoroughly thought over, coded and tested before even being deployed here, all during the usual day to day running a business.

Development takes time. Good things come to those who wait right?

It’s too early for diminished enthusiasm! :smiley: