Live granular patch example (superbooth 2019) (4.4 KB)

here is a live granular patch we used for demos at last superbooth in Berlin.

The patch takes a stereo signal using inputs 1 and 2 (top row, two leftmost jacks).

The stereo signal goes into the granular, and the granular stereo output goes into the stereo inputs of the reverb after which the stereo signal comes out of outputs 1 and 2 (two leftmost jacks on row 1 of the 2x4 output jack matrix).

The start position of the granular is modulated using the triangle output of the LFO in the patching matrix.

To use the patch:

  1. connect a signal to input jacks 1 and 2
  2. connect outputs 1 and 2 to your mixer or other eurorack module
  3. go to the granular module and then to the p-page and press REC so the granular starts recording. To freeze the signal press REC again.

Hope this helps some people start using the granular live.