Linnstrument, SSP & MPE (Quick Setup! Instant Gratification!)

This is actually fairly quick to get set up. Just go through these steps slowly and it’ll work. The laborious part is only having to do it 8 times with all of the scrolling. C’est la vie.

Use the MPE default preset as per the Linnstrument’s video.

Jump to 04:32 if the video doesn’t start from there.

If you can’t see the video, here is what he is doing. It is easy.
• Press PER-SPLIT SETTINGS at the top-left of the Linnstrument
• In the first column “MIDI MODE”, press and hold the “ChPerNote” button until it turns pale blue. This is the MPE default mode. Your Linnstrument is now ready to send each new note out on an individual channel.

• Plug the Linnstrument into the middle USB port on the SSP

• Go to preset number 26 (currently named “new26”). Load it!
• Press “N” for “Network” and you should now be looking at the different modules in this multi-voice preset. See the first photo below; the one with all of the squares the white MIDI square. If you play your Linnstrument, you will note that polyphony works and so does pitch sliding from side-to-side. Yes! However, the Z Axis does nothing.

• Go to each of the 8 MIDI modules (the white squares) in the preset

• Turn on "CC-B:WTO: Z in the far right column. Scroll down quite a bit. See the video that I embedded below.

• You will need to do this for every MIDI module in the preset. There are 8 of them. That’s it! You should be able to rock your finger in 4 directions and here a change in pitch (Left <<—>> Right) or timbre (Up / Down).

In the video above, I already had WTO: Z turned on for the 2nd MIDI module. I hope that this wasn’t too confusing.

As this is a specific thread, I’ll point other similar topics to this thread. I’ll keep this information current as the SSP, Linnstrument, or MPE evolve.


Thanks @Kent! This is very helpful! :grin:

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ok, good job on moving this into its own thread :slight_smile: