LFO Wave shapes

Looking at LFO wave shapes - I’m getting clean solid shapes for sine and triangle but the saw and square waves have distinct ringing - is this to be expected?

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The LFO is not band-limited, which means that it can alias at higher frequencies. That is why it’s called an LFO. With regard to your ringing question: the SSP’s lowest sample rate is 48kHz, and your scope module might sample at a much lower sample rate than that, and has input stage filters. What you are looking at might be the response of the input stage filters of your scope module. You might also be interested to read up on the gibbs effect, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gibbs_phenomenon


bert - that’s good to know - there’s no problem here, just interested in this fascinating module. Thanks for the pointer to the gibbs effect, very interesting.

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a side note…in plaits (so plts vst) the wave forms are mostly band limited.
(unlike Braids, which used to use oversampling instead)

wow, really interesting… cool to learn something new :slight_smile: