LFO Sync and Reset?


maybe its a really obvious answer; but I wonder how I can use multiple LFO’s to control parameters, and these LFO’s are being reset in their phase when a gate plays.

For example, I have one sequencer module on the SSP, it sends G1 to all LFO’s, and those LFO’s should reset when G1 is triggered.

So far my LFO’s dont reset. Does anyone of you have some tricks how to set up modulation signals that will sync and reset to the Sequencer?

Thank you!

sorry, I don’t quite follow this…
you are saying you want to reset phase, when there is a gate?

tl;dr; LFO sync is an audio sync, not a reset … so uses a zero crossing, not a trig to ‘reset’

more detail, so, I checked the code…
(it was quicker than setting up my SSP for a test, and I wanted to make sure there weren’t any bugs!)

and indeed, this reflects my expectation…

sync uses a zero crossing zero (positive) ‘trigger’, i.e. going < 0 to > 0
so won’t work with a trig/gate, since that assume a 0 to 1 transition (usually I do at around 0.2-0.5)

why? because sync signals on oscillators, primary intention is an audio rate sync across oscillators i.e. to sync two oscillators - so the LFO behaviour is 100% correct.

how can use with a trig/gate?
simple - use an offset on the input (or gate output) of -0.5, this will shift its range to -0.5 to 0.5,
giving you the zero crossing that you need to ‘reset phase’ on the oscillator.

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Thanks for the swift response. That is indeed what I was looking for.

I guess the input of the LFO is the Level?

what do you mean input … lfo’s are modulator/oscillators?
level = gain of the LFO

if you mean where to apply the above offset, no…
there is a scale/offset feature for each input/output… you can see it next to the small scopes down on the bottom right… you can adjust these with LS/RS + enc1-4

have you seen my community wiki for the SSP?