LFO MIDI control and trying to tune

I was just attempting to make a big mono-synth, and I’ve noticed that if you have multiple LFO tiles receiving from a MIDI tile, you can’t then easily detune them in a musical way - ie: shift +5semi, up an octave… . or even basic detune for a thicker sound using the FINE control.

It would be great if the 440Hz is the baseline that LFO tunes from when receiving the MIDI note data, but then if you adjust either the course or fine it would adjusts the waveforms tuning in addition to the incoming MIDI… unless im missing something super obvious… ?

i suspect you didn’t added a MTQ along the path?
440 would refer to midi note 57 then? (A4)
-in my small mind, it would even occur that you could tune a LFO, but of course that is exactly what you can-

i think i’ll have to make a video to demonstrate what isn’t happening

we all have to make vids (its on my 2do list) but yes, you know the one "an image says more than a thousand words)

can i add to your idea MIDI syncable LFO’s ?

I believe the coarse and fine tuning are overridden when a midi cc is received.

However when you are using the analog inputs this is not the case.

Would be a feature request to have the midi signals adjusted by the modules tuning, and it would be a good one.

I sometimes forget about the midi capability as i almost always use CV in my patches.

i did a little test : with MIDI inserted or not (clock, notes, cc’s all over), the speed of the wave stays the same

the slowest i get the LFO
settings course 20Hz, fine -19.8Hz
this is a nice wave, but still quite fast (4 bars at 93BPM) (5s from top to bottom)

how to slow this down? (lets say over 8 bars, 10s from top to bottom)

more, there is a nasty little tick/click when the wave jumps from bottom to top (and inserted in the bit rate of the bit crusher, no sound playing)

he doesn’t need an mtq for that, he wants to sum and detune lfos to create a fatter sound

there is no tune parameter for the lfo, but i think the wavetable oscillator has one, it might be better for what you want to do, it has built in oscillator duplication and detuning

that said a tune parameter could be added for the lfo.

also right now when you patch a pitch signal into the pitch input of the lfo it overrides the coarse/fine of the lfo and this is actually a bug i need to fix which is already in the forum elsewhere.

a sawtooth set at a very low frequency will click, that is the nature of the waveform

you cannot, it depends on the lowest frequency, so if the lowest is not low enough i guess the minimum has to be changed

see my reply to neil :slight_smile:

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see my reply to neil

there needs to be a clear division of the role of different modules, and the role of the midi module is to output signals created from midi notes coming in… i don’t see any good reason to change the midi module

this has now been fixed in this update -

the update comes with 8 presets that show how to do various pitch/freq modulations.


Many thanks @bert @celine :smiley: :smiley:


Great thinking and outcome :+1::+1: