Let's see your SSP setup

Hey @mbang, the pod is a little snug, which is to say it is an exact fit, with the heat sink touching the back of the pod. This actually means slightly better thermal dissapation, as the whole case is acting like a heatsink. It works just fine. The only negative is that the cases don’t have a power switch. Once you plug in the power, it is on. I bought a small on off switch that you plug the power line into, and then you plug the switch into the pod. This works best for me.

I’ve since added a few more things to my case, and continue to call it the Ultimate Synth.

The SSP continues to be the heart of the setup.


Thx for the info, i think i´ll build a case on my own instead - cheaper, at least, since i already have power and all the material needed. :slight_smile:

wow, 2 rossums analog oscillators paired with a linneus filter (amongst others)
dream setup

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Hello Percussa Forum! I Am new to the Percussa
And now trying to figure out how exactly I would like to incorporate it! :slight_smile: so many possibilities! :slight_smile: Very Happy to be diving in and learning this amazing musical instrument! Well done! ptna.bandcamp.com


I see like me, you embrace the digital. I think it is the perfect combination with eurorack personally. Thanks for sharing!


do you get noise from your intellijel case with all those modules plugged in? it seems like my SSP is a tad noisy

Hello! I actually have not noticed a noise issue. The intellijel case has quite a bit of power and I have not experienced any issues. However, my signal chain is not super clean… i run my set-up into a tascam hardisk 24 track recorder…I am not sure if I would notice a slight “noise” issue. :slight_smile:

I need to experiment with modules in the case to see what the deal is. just been lazy

I made my case compact.


Very nice. I love the Octatrack, but it kills me that the resolution on the SSP’s recorder is double the Octatrack.

Very fun looking setup though! I totally dig it!

I tried to build up similar function as octatrack at eurorack but gave up.
For me, just using octatrack itself is easier to control.

I just got my SSP on Tuesday, and it’s already an indispensable part of my system.

I’m a bit of a DSP junkie, so this is a welcome and overdue addition to my existing fleet. (Apollo 16 not pictured because it’s stashed under the Voyager XL.)



This is my system’s current setup. :slight_smile:



Unfortunately I will be selling as I lost my jog and need the funds.


I filled the rack by adding one more Teletype and two TXi from the last setup. If the offset module for the -5 / + 5 voltage arrives, the setup will be complete. :control_knobs:


SSP works well in a little case so I can easily take it with me!


Another update on my setup:


Happy to have received my SSP today and join the community.
I’ve lots of plans and exciting ideas …
Can you guess the first one :wink:


Super exciting! …

Its clear now, but yes, I have an idea. :rofl:

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