Let's see your SSP setup

Seen this type of thread everywhere, and they are always cool, so I thought I’d start one here!

After a long and arduous move, my setup is back up, minus a few more connections that need to be made, and I’m back to wiggling.

Looking forward to seeing other setups!


Cool set up, pure analog heaven! Your little helper in corner looks well happy since arrival of your SSP, maybe Bert should you use this image to show customers what joy their product brings. Like how neat your wiring is, I was thinking a loom of some description myself, how do you mark them to to know which input/output is which? I thought of number some electrical tape but that might look naff.


Here is it, not the whole setup but still :slight_smile:
My insta is https://www.instagram.com/wisdom.water/ if anyone is interested. Do you guys have videos somewhere as well?


@2disbetter are your elektrons connected to modular? How are you connecting them between each other?

I have the audio from the rytm going into the a4 and then from the a4 into the modular. The octotrack has the eurorack’s audio going out to it. Midi can come from the octotrack into the modular via poly or the toolbox. I can also send midi out of the toolbox into the elektrons. I really only use the rytm, and the rest is done in the modular. It is nice to have the elektrons though for additional things when I don’t feel like doing it in modular. I could totally loose all the elektrons though.The SSP just runs at a much higher resolution.

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i found a use for the first USB port :


Very nice @tiger001, I got a USB light with my Modular 114, now I can get one for SSP, thanks for sharing :sunglasses:


Practical! Thanks for sharing! I also noticed you got a MUC!!! I was looking at one of those for the longest time to handle poly midi control! How do you like it? Is it configurable? IE: If you want only 4 voices instead of 16, can you reallocate the unused ports to be part of the other 4 voices?

it is fully configurable and feels like an instrument ; it is so easy and well thought out
you can even allocate the unused CV ports to trigs etc
only downside is that MIDI notes transcode to 0-10 V, all the rest ((poly)aftertouch, pitch bend, MIDI controllers etc you can choose -5->+5V, -2.5->+2.5V, 0->5, 0->10V)

Sorry for the delay ; I’ve never really marked any. Sometimes I just have to go back and trace them, but usually after it is plugged into the SSP, I have a system I use so it is easy to remember.
I think a look would be helpful, but I’m ging to be switching back to something like this soon:

I thought I would like the split sides like that but it is too divided. Of course I’m sure after switching it up I’ll eventually miss it.

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I just tried the above stance. I hated it. The middle section leans forward slightly. Couldn’t stand it. So I’m right back to two 6u sections.

Btw, I’ve eyeballed the analog keys for a long time. I love the a4 and elektron’s material design is just fantastic. I’m holding out because I want to see if they release a keys mk2 now.I wish I could find a Monomachine SFX6 that had a price tag that didn’t make it ridicules. I think that design is timeless. I’ll look at it 20 years from now and think, man that’s a good looking synth. Hahahahaha

So the Eastwicke case is not practical @2disbetter, I started looking at them as need to expand my set up. I would wait as the MKII Elektron keys has got to come next, in view of huge improvements to MKII Rytm and Octatrack.

I have analog keys for sale if you want :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: I’m too committed to seeing if they release a mk2 for it. I also am holding out up that they make the mk2 look like the sfx6. I know fat chance, but I’m an optimist. Hahaha.

What do you mean? Just too expensive?

I just liked the look of Eastwicke and thought I could build section by section as I expand, and yes they are pricey but your feedback wasn’t great, and trust your judgement as a user. As for the keys MKII, I am also waiting to see if they do release, but also happy using Linnstrument, which is one of many reasons why I purchased the SSP.

Ahh, I misunderstood. I love Eastwick cases! Love them. I just thought that the new bracket I bought for my current alpha cases would sit the top 6u completely or slightly leaning back. It instead had it leaning forward and I didn’t really like that. Before I had it like this:

But when I moved (which just happened) I wanted to be able to transport it safer and that is why it is in the current folding setup. It takes up so much more space but I like. You just need a lot more long patch cables.

But I highly recommend the cases. :+1:


Cheers, does look good like this though, but I appreciate not for transporting. If there was an award for the neatest cable management, you would win hands down. I think its all about longer cables so your not fighting cables, you see some and they are like spaghetti junctions.

As you can see, not been doing the, what do you call it, oh yes the Modularist thing that long.