LDen doesn't show/RTen&Rtmm have to be (re)activated after shutdown//SW version display

Bug description (state clearly and simply): you can only show LDen when you also activated the RTen // you have to re-activate these when switching presets

Steps to reproduce (use numbered list): activate LDen ; doesn’t show // activate RTen : LDen+RTen show together / switch preset, then LDen & RTen will be turned off // When you power down SSP, these have to re-activated (even when you had them active when shutdown)

Software version (blank if unknown): 0904 - also SW version doesn’t display anymore

Type (major or minor): minor

also, see here : RtMM doesn't save on shut down

these settings are saved per preset, and show again when you re-load the saved preset, but reside in the Global settings, hence the confusion

It was discussed that they would apply to presets, because you may not want those options enabled for one preset, and you might for another.

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that you can only show the load meter if you also show the rate meter is indeed a bug, but that you have to reactivate it when switching preset is not a bug. It’s part of the preset data like @2disbetter says. If you have them enabled in preset 000, they will show up when you start up (which is when 000 is loaded automatically).

You already posted about that in a different thread.

the global settings are stored inside the preset. There is no seperate config file yet which stores settings independently of presets, this has already been discussed a while ago.

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