LCD contrast.& Brightness

Curious - with the Latest OS update, was there a tweak to the Display settings? I don’t even know if that’s even a possibility.

But , I noticed that during boot up - the display is a crisp black background, even with all the boot up bright white text flying by.

As soon as it arrives at the default screen - the background feels a little blown out, like the brightness is set to high.

Anyone else have this?


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Yes - same here. The PLY screen has a lovely black - would look good if the rest of the screens could emulate this?? Something to do with ray tracing? Don’t know. Even better, a global setting for contrast and brightness would be perfect!

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I think its something to do with the way the physical display works…
all my modules use black, but depending on how many other objects/colours are used, Ive noticed the background looks more or less black/grey.

so I think PLY just looks darker, because its only using a couple of colours, and large areas are black.

put another way… I think the code for all the modules are using black as a background, it just ‘appears’ different.
(I think the same is also true for the boot up text that Neil mentions)

Id guess that backlight could be adjusted, but I suspect that Bert choose this level after trying different levels to get a nice ‘bright’ display without too much overspill
(I think he mentioned something about this in previous posts)

sorry… I dont know off hand how a user could change this… or if it’s possible… as we’d need to look at how the hardware panel is configured in linux at a pretty low level.