Large preset collection + samples

We already shared this in a previous software update, but it wasn’t uploaded into the preset corner.

The presets (+/-60) include a wide variety of patches:

  • polyphonic wavetable synthesis
  • polyphonic granular synthesis
  • polyphonic multitimbral FM and sampling
  • sequencing and multi-voice microtonal quantization
  • additive synthesis
  • polyphonic classic subtractive 12-voice synthesis
  • a wide variety of simple patches covering the granular, sampler, … modules

These presets are also discussed in detail in the one hour walkthrough video.

Important notice about the above samples:

The samples in the above download link contain some from the freesound archive. We made sure to only use public domain samples, but please make sure to look up their license before you use them in any recordings, if you choose to use them.

The samples which do not start with a number are produced by ourselves, so you automatically get a license from us to use them, if you have bought an SSP.


Hi Celine,

I tried clicking on both and i get an error in my browser:

NoSuchKeyThe specified key does not exist.samples110320192223.zip2047E67C47EF5485C3vIbnOglMjMD1Mmpo+vVR2ZkGbzBtfQqRUG/UjRD+VtM5228Xi/TF1YohEjFI44zz+mCHhEXmafs=

Thanks for letting me know @NeilParfitt :slight_smile: I updated the post and this should be fixed now

Are these presets all already in a factory SSP? Just wondering since I received mine a few days ago and I think I don’t need to download this, right?

I had the feeling they are all in there… ( iirc i checked last week)

As a newcomer, I found the ‘factory presets’ a little confusing initially, there are quite a lot of them, so it was hard to tell for sure.

what i did… once I was more confident with patching and the modules, was just go thru every preset, play it, and look to see how it was built, how it worked.
I found them ‘educational’ , showing you how to use various modules/techniques which you can use to create your own patches/presets.

after that exploration (*) I deleted all the factory presets - so I had a clean slate to make my own :slight_smile:

BUT that is totally, just my personal approach to the SSP, which may or may not be similar to others.

(*) its my ‘nature’ to do quite a deep dive, so I was happy I’d covered all ‘topics’ and been able to use in my own patches e.g. things like using the BUF object and (midi) polyphony are demo’d nicely in the factory presets.

I probably should have kept a couple of the factory presets, as they were nice - and also useful ‘references’ - but i was a bit too lazy to go thru them all again to decide which to keep :wink:

btw: the SSP has a backup of the factory patches which you can ‘restore’ at anytime.
though be careful as it’ll overwrite your own patches!

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I’m trying to do what you suggest and examine the factory presets to understand how they’re built, but I’m not the legendary Technobear by a long shot so in addition to learning it would be nice to explore the creativity of others with more talent at building these things. I do hope you’ll keep building the VSTs for the same reason - not in a million years could I even begin to do something like that myself.

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