Is there a way to access the SD card via USB?

Sorry for so many questions, but is there a way to access the SD card via USB?? Would be awesome if I didnt have to completely power down my rack to copy files over :slight_smile: (total first world problem here)

There is (via USB-ethernet) - it’s not trivial though, and requires some familiarity with the command line…

It involves:

  • Getting a USB-ethernet dongle (or maybe two, depending on your computer) and an ethernet cable
  • Modifying a script on the SD card temporarily so you can log in to a Linux shell on the SSP
  • Connecting a keyboard to the SSP, logging in to Linux and configuring the networking to allow ethernet over USB (writing some magic incantations partially specified in the thread below)
  • Configuring your computer’s networking correctly to match the SSP
  • Use scp to copy the files over from your machine

It’s a one-time setup, and then you can plug in and copy stuff over… although because of the way the USB-ethernet seems to work, you might still have to power cycle when you first connect it!

Instructions, should you be willing, in the below thread:

LAN Port?

I could do it, but not sure I want to bother with it, thank you for the instructions though! :slight_smile: