IR loader

IR loader for Reverb, cab simulation etc.

It would allow more options for efx. Crazy wav files for reverb etc.
thank you

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yeah convolution reverbs can be a lot of fun - I really love the bigger ones.

ive been doing a bit of research in this area…so have some ideas and things to try out- but its early days.
we should probably limit expectations a little in this area, convolution reverbs are pretty cpu intensive things - but I hope I can get something to work… just not sure the lengh of IRs… so is it more cabs or spaces :slight_smile:

btw: usually there is not a lot of ‘modulation’ with convolution reverbs… I suspect it will be pretty much just load IR and then wet/dry

Thank you for the response

Sorry I was trying to keep it short
I was thinking just a IR loader block with just a wet / dry mix.
I have a Polly beebo - digit that I am using as a efx send processor for the SSP now.
That combination of those 2 and then throw in a iPad Pro connection to the SSP.
Is mind bending power.

The poly Beebo/Digit has exactly that, load a wav file then add EQ, MOD. Etc as extra blocks.

On a side note went down the rabbit hole on Norns and came across your work.
I think you deserve a pot of coffee :+1:t2:. Brewing and sending later.
Thanks again.

i have a Tasty Chips ECR-1 which loads (4 ch !) IR’s up to 20s and can modulate things pretty exhaustive

that processor is no way halve of the SSP’s

I was wondering about the ECR-1 … what processor does it use? Id love to see a pic of its PCB…
I thought it was likely to be a using a rPI or derivative, perhaps the CM3?

yeah, Ive hopes the SSP can do something great in this area, but until I runs some tests, theres no way to know for sure - what is theoretically and practically possible is often far apart.
(lets bare in mind, the ECR-1 is focused 100% on that one task - the SSP is also running the rest of synthor)

What can the ECR-1 modulate? my understanding its it could only modulate stuff that is basicaly pre and post processing of the reverb,not really anything that is to do with the IR processing.
I love that it can capture IRs thats a cool feature.
… actually I think the ECR-1 is very cool generally.

anyway, its on my list to work through…
Ive had a little setback… but once thats resolved, I’ll be back to work on the SSP VSTs

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You should look at the poly Beebo/digit also it uses a arm quad core processor.

the SSP has the most powerful processor compared to all of these other products. it’s just a matter of building a convolution module, which should not be too hard. you can do time or frequency domain convolution, the algorithms are pretty well described already in academic literature.


I agree about the power. I love this thing. Learning more every day.
And I only mention the beebo because it runs a lot of IR reverbs and a lot of other stuff in the back ground. The SSP has much more power and functions
What I was suggesting is Just a loader for the IR with a mix slider. then blocks or chains can be added as needed. I know nothing about coddling so I can only suggest.
Thank you

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Convolution would be pretty awesome. I’m an ECR-1 owner also. You can modulate:

  • Position (starting position in the IR)
  • Wet/Dry mix
  • Crossfade between the two dual convolvers(!)
  • Stereo width

Not sure what CPU it uses. I might be able to get a pic of the circuit board tonight.

iirc is a CM3 (so like a rPI3)

so SSP has the power to do this - but bare in mind the ECR1 is 100% dedicated to that task.