Introducing our new forum moderator Kent!

Hi Everyone,

As the SSP user base grows, we’ve brought in a friend and industry pro to help moderate and organize the forum. This will allow myself and Celine to focus on software development and other aspects of our business.

We’d like to introduce @Kent to you all and he’ll pop in here shortly to get acquainted, introduce himself, and to tell you all a bit about his background and music.

We’ve felt that getting someone involved was necessary as we’ve been spending greater and greater amounts of time in addressing the forum over the past months, and given the small team we are, we can’t reply to each and every forum post ourselves.

We will still be keeping an eye on the forum of course going forward and will participate where necessary.

Bert & Celine


Welcome @Kent!! Thank you in advance for your time and efforts here!

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Thanks, Goofaman; much appreciated. It’s nice of you to have welcomed me to the SSP club.

I’d like to thank Bert & Celine for their trust with what they’ve created. The three of us will work together to make this online community as robust and helpful as possible. My current duties will be to help keep the forum clean, efficient and to (eventually, once I’ve become acclimated) provide some structure and maintenance as things grow.
This will free Bert & Celine to work upon the things that only they can do and that’s gonna benefit everybody.

I have a big favor to ask of all of you: please have patience with my technical knowledge of the powerful SSP platform as I’m still in my early days and am going through the basics of learning the architecture and meta of the package. I’ll probably ask a lot of “Newb” questions in order to get up to speed ASAP. I should probably set up “Kent’s Newb Corner” or something amusing like that… :joy:

Some background on me and my music rigs:

25 years in the audio manufacturing industry having held positions in a bunch of well-known companies like: Yamaha, AKG, Austrian Audio, LOUD Technologies and others. I’ve worked full time as an engineer and technician in various studios in the USA and Europe and currently reside in Europe. Thus, my timezone is 9 hours ahead of PST, in America, and 6 hours ahead of EST.
I mention this as the timezone differences could explain having to wait a bit for replies and action depending upon where you are located.
I also do admin/janitorial duties at Muffwiggler.

My main synth rig is a 42 panel Buchla 200e (I’ll surely push Bert & Celine for some Buchla-specific add-ons at some point :star_struck: )
I have a Doepfer Monster Base and A-100PMS12 rig that I primarily use for effects and percussion: 2xZ-DSPs w/Valhalla cards & others, Rainmaker, Clouds, SDS ReFlex LiveLooper, RadioMusic, RS-290 delay, both version of Time Sefari, Temps Utile, drum modules, CV recorders, and so forth.

I mention these as it would be lovely to see some of the aforementioned functionality duplicated/mimicked/ported over to the SSP at some point in the future! I too have my dreams.

Oh, and I play guitar quite a bit. It is my ‘original’ instrument. I use a Fractal Audio Axe-Fx and Roland VG-99. Funny to think that there are some parallels with the Fractal and the Percussa.

Anyhow, I look forward to chatting with you all and making this forum something that you enjoy visiting daily. If needed, I’ll create a thread for all of us to discuss what we’d like to see from the SSP forum. Where do you want it to go? What would you like to see? How can we make it a better tool for users and newbs like me? I don’t know if there is a thread for (or similar) to that subject and will create one if needed.

Anyhow, here’s the gear!


P.S. anyone wanna teach me how to get the Linnstrument working with the SSP and MPE? How have you got things set up? The instructions here are outdated.

===edit: Oct. 17th 2019===
Okay, here’s how it is done:

Use the MPE default preset as per the Linnstrument’s video.

Jump to 04:32 if the video doesn’t start from there.

If you can’t see the video, here is what he is doing. It is easy.
• Press PER-SPLIT SETTINGS at the top-left of the Linnstrument
• In the first column “MIDI MODE”, press and hold the “ChPerNote” button until it turns pale blue. This is the MPE default mode. Your Linnstrument is now ready to send each new note out on an individual channel.

• Plug the Linnstrument into the middle USB port on the SSP

• Go to preset number 26 (currently named “new26”). Load it!
• Press “N” for “Network” and you should now be looking at the different modules in this multi-voice preset. See the first photo below; the one with all of the squares the white MIDI square. If you play your Linnstrument, you will note that polyphony works and so does pitch sliding from side-to-side. Yes! However, the Z Axis does nothing.

• Go to each of the 8 MIDI modules (the white squares) in the preset

• Turn on "CC-B:WTO: Z in the far right column. Scroll down quite a bit. See the video that I embedded below.

• You will need to do this for every MIDI module in the preset. There are 8 of them. That’s it! You should be able to rock your finger in 4 directions and here a change in pitch (Left <<—>> Right) or timbre (Up / Down).

In the video above, I already had WTO: Z turned on for the 2nd MIDI module. I hope that this wasn’t too confusing.

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Hi Kent! Really nice to see you here as I’ve enjoyed and appreciated your sensibilities on Muffwiggler. I think your presence here is a huge win for the community!

Regarding the SSP, ask all the questions you want and we’ll of course try to get you sorted out.

I’m in the same time zone as you so there shouldn’t be too much of a delay. :+1:


Awesome! Thanks und Dankeschön!

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great work on the walkthrough - I’d suggest moving it to a post on its own and then linking to it from here.