Ins and Outs

really? perhap a misunderstanding…

as I said, yes, my H5 is correctly identified and available as an alsa soundcard ‘out of the box’.

but in my test, synthor did not associate its IO to the INP /OUT channels.
even , restarting synthor did not change this.
(this was what I expected , and mentioned in this post even before trying.)

I should say, actually I would not want this automatic mapping anyway.
the issue is, if you map this audio interface to the same INP channels as the built-in adc, you have not expanded the number of channels, you have just overlaid them.

actually, I wish the the existing USB mode, did NOT do this, instead Id prefer we had a separate IN/OUT module where we could assign the these USB channels.
yes, I see its kind of convienient in some situations to have this ‘automatic’ mapping, but often id prefer to have the physical and usb i/o completely separated. (honestly, this merging could be easily handled in a patch)

anyway, its an interesting area to investigate…
I should say, whilst theoretically this feels simple to do, there may well be some nasty complications in practice e.g. the 128 audio buffer may not be sufficient for many usb audio interfaces, also theres fun and games around sync’ing clocks… that would need to be investigated.

i don’t mind a duplicate of the first 16 INS and 8 OUTS (although it would be nice if you could assign/config them from the SSP)
if we can assign/config the rest of the channels on the USB interface itself (like, OUT 1 on the USB interface corresponds to IN 9 from USB)
i thought this was exactly possible on the ES-9 software (to be flashed for standalone operation)
how many USB audio interfaces you know of have +8 INS and +16 OUTS (dc coupled?) anyhow ?

My bad wavejockey, I needed the funds to replace the money I used to buy the SSP, I was trying to wait out the delivery but a sale went through and I needed to ship it out. Having I2C expander(s) would be really awesome, and would put the SSP on track to severely outpace ES8/ES9 in terms of USB I/O, especially if multiple expanders could be linked together (not that I need that much I/O but it would be nice to have the option) :slight_smile:

One thing I am curious of (don’t want to start a whole other thread, since this is I/O related), is if the left USB port will ever be open to MIDI input, as I’d like to use USB from my sequencer and a MIDI Fighter to control parameters :slight_smile:


i’m relaying my MIDI sequencer information to a novation SL and then to the SSP

Ah this is a great idea! You have just sparked some ideas in my head… and made me thankful I have a few pieces of equipment in the process :slight_smile: I’m thinking MIDI Fighter and Vector Sequencer hooked up via USB to my MioXL then out of MioXL to SSP. I wonder if I can use a double ended USB-A cable to hook them together, as I’d like to go into SSP’s middle USB port, and keep the right most port open for use as a cv/audio interface with my computer. I believe this should allow me to use any MIDI device on my MIDI network with the SSP. Going to have to give it a try when I get a moment, Thank You!! :slight_smile:

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