I am considering purchasing an SSP

I am considering purchasing an SSP. I want to use it mainly for Effectors. Does Delay have a Pitch shifter like Eventide? I’ve never used VST, can VST plug-ins load anything? Please tell me

I would like to ask what delay parameters are available to those who are using this module as Delay. Can you create an effect like Strymon Magneto,Roland Re201,
Eventide H3000 ?

Parameters of the DLY module in the SSP is very simple. So, if you are looking for high functionality delay or tape echo emulation, I think it’s better to find the delay module itself.
If you want to make your own effector combining many kinds of modules with delay function, SSP may be good for that.

Thank you for your reply. Are the effects only Reverb and Delay?

correct, only (basic) reverb & delay, sounds good though
(but not like an eventide)
you can port your (own) VST though to load into the SSP

Thank you for your reply.
I’m not familiar with VST, where can I get it? I heard that only LINUX-based products can be used. Can it be handled on a Windows PC?

I bought SSP yesterday.I should get it tomorrow.

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my vsts are details in the “SSP modules” section of this forum.

you can use a windows pc to copy ‘relevant’ vsts to the SSP sdcard, where it can run them.

I should point out, not ‘any’ linux vst will run on the ssp.
it needs to be build for ARM, and it also needs to have a UI coded for the ssp, so that it can work with the hardware encoders and buttons.

Thank you! Try today.

Hi,The technobear!
I downloaded your VST plug-ins. I will install SO File as soon as the SSP arrives. Please give me various guidance. Of course, if I can install it safely, I donate you.

Install of VST is very simple.
Just put SO file into plugins folder on SSP’s SD card.

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The SSP arrived at me, but it seems to be quite difficult, so once I understand other features, I will install it