How to map MIDI CC to parameter

Using the 4-voice patch as an experimenting point, I only see the following CCs available as routable outputs under the MIDI module:

How may i define which CCs are usable as input to the midi module (and thus available to route out to other module parameters)? I.e. if I wished to map CC3 to WTO spread, how would I go about this? Under the parameter section for the MIDI module, I do not see anything obvious.

Is there any documentation available for the MIDI module?


Right now those are the CCs available. I have to extend the MIDI module so you can choose arbitrary CCs. I’ll get back into software development after all the units are shipped. Will keep you posted.

Sounds good… thanks for the quick reply!

so meanwhile we are working on stuff and the forum is more active now, perhaps you can join the midi discussion thread with @tiger001 ? he also had some ideas on how to further organize the midi functionality of the SSP and created a thread/topic for that specifically.