How to handle Error messages

trying to load a sample file got an error message as shown (probably not a bug)

Ongoing the SSP was continuing playing correctly and new sample file selection was possible !

Only the Error message stayed on screen and didn’t know how to get rid of which button to press

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Thanks for reporting. This is probably a bug. Do you remember what the message was?

I have this foto forgot to attach don’t know if it’s clear enough

hmm…weird, because rec3.wav has sample data in it. A couple of questions:

  • Is rec3 the file which you tried to load or did you try to load another file in the list?
  • When loading the file were you still recording?

I did try to reload rec3 and the SSP restarted itself without a error message, maybe a problem with the format, but was rec into the SSP as I remember now

More details I don’t remember

But you could see what happens if you first rec a sound file yourself and then want to load it
It happened 3 times repeatedly with internally rec files , I will erase them

if you record a sample on the SSP you always have to make sure you “arm” the input channel. When the input channels are not armed, and you then try to load it, you get a crash (not sure if you would get an error message). More information about this here.

Although it seems that rec3 has samples in it, so the input channel was “armed”…

Can you make a new recording on the SSP and then try to load the new recording again?

there was a bug in the software where if you recorded a file in the recorder with zero channels (if you forgot to ARM any channels), and then load the file into the sampler, it would crash it or you would get this popup dialog box. This should have been fixed now in the new release, zero channel files are now no longer loaded -

Other than that, I agree that the popup dialog box error handling is a bug / problem that has to be fixed. We will change this to use bubble popup messages instead, which are non blocking, like in the case when you save a preset and it says “saved preset #0” for example.

I also updated the recorder menu information / manual page just now -

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