How to Copy a modified preset?

Once I have modified a preset and want to copy and rename it to another memory slot, how would I accomplish this?

Obviously I’m looking for an on-line solution and not taking the card out and duplicating presets in the hope that one day I will alter them…:thinking:

The only way to do this at the moment is to turn off your SSP, put the card in your computer, go to the presets folder and copy a preset file to another file. For example copy 000.pbp to 001.pbp if you want to copy the first preset to the second preset.

After that you remove the card from your computer, put it back into the SSP and start it up, and then you rename the second preset on the SSP to whatever you want. The name of the preset is stored inside the preset files.

This is a good feature idea, feel free to add it to the SSP features category as a new topic.

This is something that needs to be addressed ASAP in my opinion.
Modifying existing presets and saving the edited versions is something that needs to happen while the unit is actually on so you don’t lose your changes.
You don’t want to overwrite your original preset with your additions and/or changes to it… you want to copy and rename then save it into another register.
This, to me at least, is a serious shortcoming to the operation of this module and deters me from further creative exploration until it is addressed.

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I understand :slight_smile: We’ll work on it this week.


Thanks again for listening, it’s been very encouraging to see how quickly users concerns are being addressed and it gives me confidence in knowing that I purchased a module that will be supported into the future with further software updates! Happy 4th! :+1::v:️:heart:️

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You’re welcome! Happy 4th of July to you as well as to everyone on the forum :slight_smile:

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this has now been solved by the new “write new preset” button in the global menu. More info in the software update here

Confirmed, I was able to modify, rename, and save several presets with the new software.
Thanks so much for fixing this and adding the additional 100 memory slots! :sunglasses::+1: