How do you get the filter to work?

Hi SSP experts. I’m very new to both modular in general and the SSP specifically so forgive me if this seems like a stupid question. How the heck do you get the filter to work? I’ve got the sampler being triggered by a Pam’s new workout then going to an internal delay and reverb. I’m trying to get the output of one of the samples to go through the filter before hitting the delay. I’ve tried mapping the Coff1 to LP1:OUT1:ln1 but this doesn’t work. How should this be routed? Also, the forum mentions a wiki as the new manual but other than a high level overview, I cannot find walkthroughs of each of the modules or even how to properly connect them. I searched for “filter” but no walkthrough was available. Please help!

Hi Shawngs and welcome.

I’ve not had much experience And certainly not an expert but I think you would need to route the sampler out to the filter out then the filter out to the delay or reverb depending which one you have first in that chain, you’d also want to remove the existing connection from the sampler to the delay/reverb I’d imagine.
From you’re description it sounds like you are trying to route to the cutoff rather than one of the 4 filters types so: sampler out to filter in then whatever type of filter you are using (LPass for example) out to the reverb/delay in.

Some descriptions of how some modules work can be found here: Processor Menu