Good news bad news

So this came today and is that really serial number 1.
That is the good news

The bad news is that they forgot to send the power connector. That is the picture from Reverb.
Good thing I read the quick start Guide and did not just use one sitting around.
But now with the holidays not sure when I am going to get a response.
My wife is going out of town for a week and I am staying home. Really wanted to do a deep dive with the SSP. But the hard part is over I actually have it. Any quick suggestions so I can use it a little.
Sold a Instruo arbhar, morphagene and expert sleepers es8 to get it. And not looking back.

And on a side note if this is number 1 and you would like to have it back. I would just trade for a
New one. Just wanted to offer. Number 1 can mean a lot to some.Like I said in another post I kind of feel bad not buying a new one
But this is the one I could afford now.


Just as a update,The power connector will be in my hands Tuesday.
The people at Reverb came through.
I can’t wait to start the fun. I love to learn and this is going to be a fun journey.